All Work, No Clay: A Guide To The Best Sheet Masks For All Skin Types

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Sheet masks aren't for everyone — which is fair, since having your face wrapped in a cold, damp, ill-fitting cloth isn't as nice of an experience as a pampering facial. But for the ones who get their appeal, they're the ideal skin refresh when you can't be bothered with the wash-off mask alternatives.
While they all kind of look and feel the same, the impact of a great sheet mask should never be underestimated. After all, all that goop you see dripping from the fabric is loaded with powerful ingredients, formulated to target various skin concerns.
To sort through the options in the market, we've collated a batch of our favourite sheet masks that we go back to on the regular for whatever our skin is going through.
Ahead, the best sheet masks we rate for every skin concern.
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