R29’s Official Ranking Of The Best Netflix Original Romcoms

Photo courtesy of Netflix.
We tend to be reluctant to admit how much we enjoy romantic comedies, but the love is very much there. Whether in need of a comforting hangover remedy or a sugary sweet reminder that love does exist, romcoms are the answer to so many of our needs. And lucky for us, the entertainment world is full of them at the moment.
The humble romcom has seen a huge boom over the last year or so, and Netflix has very clearly been leading the way. To All The Boys I've Loved Before trilogy blew the genre out of the water, and the films that followed have not disappointed.
With more Netflix originals on the horizon, poised to make your heart swell with longing for young love, we thought it was about time we took stock of the gems that are already available. Sure, there are romcoms aplenty, but which are worth your time, which will make you laugh and which feature relationships that you can legitimately buy into?
We've tried to answer all these questions in our (kind of) official ranking of the best romcoms on the streaming service. Ordered from worst to best, click through to see which film we've crowned number one...for now.

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