The Best Romantic Comedies Of All Time

Image courtesy of Netflix
When it comes to romantic comedies, everyone has an opinion. Some people think they shape harmful preconceived notions about what relationships and courtships should be like. Other people think that it's a shame Hollywood doesn't churn out five a year. Most of us, though, have a favourite rom-com that we will defend against all rom-coms. Mine is Moonstruck. I'll take Nicolas Cage's ravaged monologue over "you had me at hello" any day.
The joy of romantic comedies comes from seeing two people be their funniest, smartest, best selves for each other. The charm of these movies is based around connection and chemistry, not around plot — that's what makes rom-coms so easy to watch multiple times. Each viewing, you can watch the magic happen over and over again.
Here are some of the best romantic comedies of all time. Enjoy!

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