20 Setting Sprays To Help Lock In Your Makeup

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Between the time spent painstakingly selecting products and actually applying our makeup, it's safe to assume we'd all want it to last the whole day. Everyone has their tricks, like strategic powdering (or not powdering), priming, or finishing with a spritz of setting spray. Usually the final step in your makeup application, people are somewhat divided on whether setting sprays actually do what they promise: holding all your hard work in place.
If you ask us, they do. Especially in Australia, where you could be battling extreme heat, wind, or rain on any given day, setting spray is our little reassurance that we won't be fixing any cakey or melted makeup running off our face while battling the elements.
Ahead, we've rounded up the most popular setting sprays that promise to get the job done and help you face the day (literally).
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