The Best Hair Oils Recommended By The Top Hair Experts

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It's pretty obvious when your hair is in need of some serious TLC: it may feel very dry, appear dull or tangle really easily. But aside from a weekly hair mask, experts say a good hair oil can make the most difference.
If you have very thick or natural hair, you probably already extol the virtues of oil for quenching and softening parched strands and imparting shine. Argan oil and coconut oil are among the most popular oils championed by stylists and beauty brands right now but Antony Rawlings, creative director at Lockonego for Redken, mentions that some of us are a little wary. "Everyone can benefit from a hair oil and it's all about finding the right one for you," says Antony. "People are often scared of using oils as they may have used products with a high concentration of silicones in the past and they would have weighed the hair down or made it look greasy, flat and heavy," he says. "But if your hair feels a little frizzy and dry, then you may need to use oils more."
Frizz occurs when the hair is highly porous, explains Antony. "This is usually the result of chemical damage (for example hair colour) or mechanical damage, such as heat styling," adds Antony. "Hair that is highly porous has holes and gaps within the cuticle and these allow moisture to penetrate the hair strand, causing it to expand. Hair oils lubricate the outer cuticle of the hair and strengthen the bonds. This will help repair hair, making it feel moisturised and look shiny."
Ahead, discover the best hair oil for your hair type, as chosen by the industry's top hairstylists.
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