13 Books By Successful Women That’ll Actually Help Your Career

With the COVID causing many people to reevaluate their current career choice, there are plenty of people in need of some inspiration right now. But where is the best place to source career advice?
Speaking as someone who runs their own business, there are days — weeks even — when I crave the comfort of a salary. Other days are lonely, and in order to solve a thorny problem you reach for a blueprint that doesn’t exist. Sometimes you need a good book to snap you out of it. This equally applies to salaried employees, at all levels and in every sector.
So-called ‘self-help books’ are not necessarily located in the self-help section. The books which have the most profound effect on me are those which are not ostensibly about career but teach us how to handle a particular facet of it or explain why the workplace operates in a certain way.
So if you’re in need of a boost, here are my top 13 new books by women which will supercharge your career, one page at a time.

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