Need Work Inspo? The 28 Best Career Advice Books For Millennial Women

Illustration by Stephanie O'Byrne
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We may be in a Golden Age of television, but we're also in a Golden Age of tell-alls. In recent years, the number of high-profile women writing essays and books about their personal and professional lives seems to have grown tenfold.
Many of these books offer an in-depth look into industries and fields that people dream of entering, struggle to climb the ranks in, or even hope to leave with grace. As readers, we may not be at the top of our game just yet, but we can gain a lot of insight from the research and recordings of these experiences by other people.
For one thing, it's great to have numbers and data that provide more context for the issues we encounter at work. For another, people seeking mentors can sometimes use books as a way to get advice from their dream guru. Your ideal advisor might be several degrees of separation away, but a good book can close that distance, and leave you with more tools to get ahead, realise you're not as far behind as you might think, or give you ideas for how to close that gap.
Not sure where to start? Here’s an ongoing list of books that many readers have found invaluable, with reviews about what made them so thought-provoking.

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