8 Homewares Under $100 That’ll Instantly Zhuzh Your Space

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Whether you're moving into a new place or redecorating your current space, buying new homewares can put a significant dent in the wallet. While options like Facebook Marketplace, op-shops and Depop are often reliable options for finding unique and vintage pieces, you can rarely find every single piece you need secondhand.
We know we probably don't need to preach about the cost of living again — but alas, it can be difficult to find affordable (and cute) things that fill your living space with joy in times like these. While these pieces won't fill out your whole room entirely, here are eight homewares under $100 that are sure to give your place a little zhuzh. Hot tip: while you're shopping, it's worth checking what you can score cashback on from Cashrewards across retailers like Typo, Target and more.

Ikea Fado Table Lamp ($29)

As the weather gets cooler, there's nothing better than spending the afternoon snuggled up with a book and a warm beverage of your choice. Of course, an essential element to this is perfecting the mood lighting. This Ikea lamp is affordable and will fill your room with the perfect amount of soft lighting when the sun begins to set.

Target Lilah Linen Quilt Cover Set ($95)

Having nice linen can make it feel like you're sleeping in a luxe hotel bed every night — it also doesn't have to break the bank. This linen quilt cover set from Target comes in three earthy colours and is made from breathable linen that's cool enough for summer and cosy enough for winter.

Hommey Essential Linen Pillows - Blush ($89)

If you're prone to letting neutrals take over your wardrobe and home, it's time to let a little pop of colour in. These Hommey linen pillows are as lush as they are cute and aren't too bright if you're slowly introducing colour into your rotation.

Urban Outfitters Cloud Planter ($59)

Who said vases need to be clear and boring? This Urban Outfitters Cloud Planter feels like it was ripped straight from a 2014 Tumblr blog, and we're so here for it. If 2023 is the year you finally vouch to keep your house plants alive, do it with a cute-as-hell vase.

Kmart Amber Wavy Hiball Glasses ($14)

Kmart is the home of affordable everything. There's a reason the megastore has ballooned in popularity in recent years — and adorable pieces like these Hiball Glasses are the perfect way to give your dining table a little bit of life. They're also great if you plan on hosting more at home over the winter.

Typo Tufted Mirror ($49)

We're suckers for anything with a black-and-white print — bonus points if it's fluffy. This Typo wall mirror is perfect if you want to add a little bit of child-like joy into your living space and create opportunity for many pre-event selfies.

Paros Bath Towel Range ($89.95)

Much like linen, having a solid, reliable bath towel set can make your home feel like a hotel any day. This set from Paros comes in 15 different colours to fit any bathroom theme, and you'll feel like you're on a lengthy island vaycay every time you wrap yourself up in one.

Kmart Maddi Chair ($69)

Another solid piece from Kmart's ever-growing homewares collection. This statement chair is really perfect for anywhere — for the random space you don't know how to fill by the door to that spot in the living room the couches don't quite fill. It's also an adorable shade of baby pink.
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