The ABCs of Blush Is The TikTok-Approved Way To Apply Your Make-Up

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While beauty trends and the alphabet don't seem like the most likely of pairs, as we have learned, when it beauty on TikTok, even the most opposing notions can find a place to intersect. (Glazed doughnut nails, anyone?)
Blush has long been a favoured product on the app and in recent times, creators have discovered many varied ways to apply it, from the dewy dumpling blush hack and douyin blush to the aura blush hack. And while those tricks might require multiple products, the latest 'ABCs of blush' hack is much simpler and pertains to the placement of the product.
As creator Victoria Lyn explains, applying your blush in the shape of certain letters can help you achieve the perfect "sunkissed summer glow". Lyn swears by the 'W' blush method, as well as the 'O' blush and 'C' blush, having created a video on the topic that went viral last year.
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Since her earlier video, Lyn has also advocated for the 'L' Shape blush hack, as well as the 'U' shape and the 'V shape'. So what exactly does each letter do for the face shape? Keep scrolling as we explore the ABCs of blush below.
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The 'W' Blush Method

This method is best used to achieve a rosy, sunkissed glow. It sweeps over the nose and cheeks, and for this reason, some people also call this the 'sunburnt' blush technique. To try it, take a blush stick and apply it in a 'W' shape, covering the width of your face, then blend the product out. The look should leave you with a reddish nose and flushed cheeks that mimic the vibe you might have after a day in the summer sunshine (minus the skin damage).
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The 'O' Blush Hack

The circle or 'O' blush technique is pretty self-explanatory and is all about applying a dot of cream blush to your face and blending in a circular motion. This blush focuses on the apples of your cheeks and will give the appearance of fuller, more rounded cheeks.

The 'L' Blush Hack

The 'L' Blush hack involved making an L shape with your hand and holding it up to your face, using your palm to guide you in your blush application. This hack can be applied using a powder blush and an angled brush and gives you a lifted look. Refinery29 UK's Jacqueline Kilikita put this hack to the test and was impressed with the results.

The 'C' Blush Hack

The 'C' blush technique is one that stretches up and over your brow to give a lifted and sculpted facial appearance. The idea here is to draw a C shape on the side of your face, stretching from above the brow to your mid-cheek. Once blended, the look will give you a summery glow, drawing the eye upwards without the need for contouring.

The 'V' Blush Hack

Think of the 'V' as an exaggerated version of the 'C' blush, angling the face even further by using more angled blush placement. For the 'V' blush, once again start at your brow bone and draw a V shape, framing your eyes. Lyn notes that this shape also works well when applying bronzer.

Some of our favourite blush products to try the ABCs of blush

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