Everything We Know About New Fertility Series Big Miracles

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With one in six Australians experiencing infertility each year, chances are you or someone you know may want children, but is unfortunately unable to conceive. From endometriosis to low sperm counts, and same-sex couples that need to rely on surrogacy, there are various reasons that can make it difficult for people to start a family, which means that more people are turning to fertility specialists for help.
Big Miracles is a new TV series that follows 10 Aussie couples and individuals as they embark on an emotional journey of trying to fall pregnant, through IVF or other fertility treatments. Through each episode, the show strives to remove stigmas around fertility treatments, and shed light on how the experience impacts people physically, emotionally and financially in different ways.
Below, we take a look at the personal stories that will be explored throughout the series, as people try to make their pregnancy dreams a reality.

Who Is The Host?

Rather than a traditional host, Australian actor Lisa McCune is narrating Big Miracles. The 51-year-old Logie winner has starred in several Aussie dramas such as Blue Heelers and How To Stay Married, and also appeared on stage in the Gordon Frost production of The Sound Of Music, as well as Cabaret.

Who Is In The Cast?

Courtney & Woody (NSW)

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This married couple from Sydney's Gymea Bay have been trying to conceive for the last two years. Courtney, 32, has irregular periods and fails to ovulate, and the couple has opted for a less invasive type of fertility treatment called ‘ovulation induction’. This will involve Courtney taking medication to stimulate ovulation so that she and 42-year-old Woody can try to conceive naturally.

Amelia & Andrew (NSW)

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After being together for a decade, marketing executive Amelia, 35, and sales executive Andrew, 44, have been trying for children for the past five years.
Initial fertility tests didn't give a clear answer as to why they were struggling to conceive, but after those first five years of trying, they consulted reproductive endocrinologist, Dr Manny Mangat for answers. Dr Mangat discovered Andrew had low sperm mobility, prompting the couple to move to IVF treatment.

Aimee & Ryan (NSW)

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While most women her age produce around eight to 15 eggs per month, 32-year-old Aimee has a low egg count, producing around three to six.
Based in Walgett in central New South Wales, the police admin worker and her police officer husband Ryan have the added strain of the lack of fertility treatment services in close proximity to where they live. For IVF treatments, they must make a 16-hour round trip to Sydney, which means days off work, hotel stays and not knowing how long they'll have to keep up this lifestyle that disrupts their routines.

Chantelle Otten & Dylan Alcott (VIC)

While not key cast members, former wheelchair tennis and basketball player Dylan Alcott, and partner Chantelle Otten will be appearing in episodes two and three. Chantelle, who's a Melbourne- based sexologist, will be undergoing the egg-freezing process as the couple begins their IVF journey.

What Is The Air Date?

Big Miracles premieres on Monday, February 6 at 9pm AEDT on Channel 9 and 9Now.
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