Why Winter Is The Perfect Time To Get A Tattoo Under The Boob

Photographed by Erika Bowes.
While we normally flock to the tattoo studios when our skin is bare and exposed in the summer heat, the reality is that it's not exactly the best time to be getting tatted. Want to swim? You'll have to wait six weeks for that. Want to play in the sun? Uh, as long as your tats are covered up.
Winter though — that's where the magic happens. Getting a tattoo in the peak of winter gives your body enough time to heal that you'll be ready to show it off come summertime. We want another tattoo and we know exactly where we're going to get it: underneath our boobs.
More concisely referred to as the under-boob, the spot underneath the bottom curve of your breast has recently hit the tattoo zeitgeist. Similar to its sisters (sternum and side-boob tattoos) the under-boob area is sensitive, intimate, and — unless you choose otherwise — easily hidden by clothing.
Despite the fact that the placement is more painful than others (most likely due to the close proximity to the rib cage), it's a spot that doesn't discriminate. Tattoo artist Mira Miriah (a.k.a. @girlknewyork) tells us that your breast size shouldn't affect whether or not you can get a tattoo underneath your boob. Whether your boobs are small, round, and perky or hang low with a bit more weight, this is universally-flattering real estate.
The most important thing to know about these tattoos is that the after-care is more personalised, depending on your breast shape and size. "If someone with larger breasts gets [an under-boob tattoo], they can use Tegaderm during the healing process," explains Mariah, referring to the transparent film dressing some pros prefer for protecting fresh tattoo ink. This will decidedly solve the problem of boob sweat or friction from skin and clothing. And as far as bras go, Mariah confirms it's all relative: "If a bra is going to rub against the tattoo, skip it." Bottom line: Chat with your artist about your concerns before you take the plunge on the tattoo because no matter what, you'll have to find a design and after-care routine that makes sense for you.
Ready for some inspiration? Ahead, 15 of the raddest under-boob tattoos you have to get for this summer.

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