The Iconic & AirRobe Just Teamed Up To Make Your Wardrobe More Circular

As a society, we've begun consciously seeking out ways to make our approach to fashion more sustainable. Our eco-anxiety has led us to re-purpose, resell and recycle our wardrobes in an effort to minimise our impact on the planet.
To help us make more environmentally friendly fashion choices, THE ICONIC has teamed up with Australian re-commerce company AirRobe to help make circular wardrobes more accessible.
THE ICONIC is the first major online retailer globally to integrate a one-click functionality that allows customers to extend the life cycle of their preloved fashion items, without having to do any heavy lifting. With just a few taps, everything from the product's description and images, to its suggested price, is populated so it's ready to be resold, rented or recycled in the future.

Here's how it works

First up, you'll need to link your ICONIC account with your AirRobe account (both accounts will need to use the same email address). You can find more detailed instructions for that here. Then, when purchasing your new fashion finds from THE ICONIC, you can elect to "add to AirRobe" for later. Once added, this stores all the information you'll need down the track — product images, description, suggested price etc. so that when you're ready, you don't have to hunt it all down.
If and when you're ready to resell, rent or recycle, you can either list your item on AirRobe or opt to have it donated to one of their charity partners as a means of recycling your preloved fashion pieces. If you decide to keep your Iconic goodies, you just don't list them, so no dramas.
If you'd like to read more about THE ICONIC x AirRobe's circular fashion program, you can check it out here.

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