What Your Favorite Drink Says About You

Did you know that your drink says all kinds of things about you? Well, it does. Beverages are notorious for telling everyone everything — and yet nothing — when you walk into a room.

But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Drinks are just like accessories: You hold them, fuss with them, and rely on them over and over again. Whether it's the green juice you nurse all morning or your afternoon lemonade, a drink represents a choice, and all of your choices add up to you.

To clear up any misconceptions once and for all, we joined forces with Tazo® Iced K-Cup® pods to round up and analyze five go-to drinks. So the next time yours talks about you, you'll know exactly what it's revealing.

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Illustrated by Isabel Castillo.
Green Juice
When you walk into the room with your greener-than-green juice, everyone feels better. Brighter, more awake — it's as if they were drinking it themselves. Come to think of it, where did you get that?
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Illustrated by Isabel Castillo.
Iced Tea
Tea is a drink of subtlety and nuance. Drinking it says things like, "I taste things you can't. I know things you don't." And, while it can take considerable effort to make, Tazo® Iced Passion® K-Cup® pods — made with hibiscus flowers and herbs — cut the brewing process down to about a minute.
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Illustrated by Isabel Castillo.
Cucumber Water
You just had to do it, didn't you? You had water and thought, No, this life-giving liquid is not enough. You thought about lemon, but that's for amateurs. So you got out a cucumber, sliced it up, and let it all sit for hours until your water was perfect. Can we have some?
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Illustrated by Isabel Castillo.
Cold Brew
Even if you don’t know why coffee is brewed cold, you like that somebody took the time to do it. It shows someone cares — not just about coffee but temperature itself. Distinctions like these make you believe that all is right with the world, and when there's a cold-brew coffee in your hand, it is.
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Illustrated by Isabel Castillo.
You probably can't get enough of Instagram. Who can? Like us, you’re in love with the idea of things — and that’s what lemonade is. It’s all our hopes about what summer is, has been, and will be. Because, really, who doesn't love impossibly high standards?

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