New For-Teens, By-Teens Website Celebrates The Teenage Bedroom

Perhaps your childhood bedroom is tucked away in an attic somewhere or pristinely reserved for trips to your 'rents, but either way, we have a special, sweet connection to our own former private sanctuaries. You know, the ones where we spent hours chitchatting with our BFFs on the phone, got dressed (and redressed, and redressed) for our first date ever, and closed our eyes every night with a view of our Beatles/Jackson 5/Prince/Nirvana/Blink 182/'N Sync poster hanging on the wall.
And while we have no qualms revisiting these old memories, a pair of young'uns are working to preserve them in a more permanent way. Emily Cohn and past R29 intern Emma Orlow have launched The Do Not Enter Diaries, a new video series that takes us inside the bedrooms of real teens. Following in the footsteps of other young web whizzes, this for-teens, by-teens site has some grown-up appeal. (Proof: We haven't spotted one piece of 1D memorabilia yet.)
The weekly series will unveil a new bedroom each Wednesday at 4 p.m. along with a video of the featured teen giving us the exclusive tour. While most of the videos have been filmed in homes around the U.S., Orlow and Cohn have also already shot in India and plan to expand their global reach to New Zealand, Canada, and Aruba. And, in the spirit of exclusivity, The Do Not Enter Diaries has released its very first video just for R29 readers. Meet Gemma S., the first in a series of more teens who make us remember the hope, confusion, excitement, and, yes, maybe sometimes awkwardness of coming into our own.
Video: Courtesy The Do Not Enter Diaries.

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