Shibori Comfy Dreams Are Made Of These

Photo: Courtesy of Rebecca Atwood.
Only recently have tie-dye and shibori fabrics begun to escape their hippy-dippy stereotypes. No longer do the terms mean in-your-face, swirly hot-pink peace and love T-shirts. Nowadays, it's all about soft, muted tones and geometric lines. And, Rebecca Atwood's new spring collection of dreamy egg-speckled and lilac gridded pillows is the ideal example of how the hand-dyed methods are reinvented and sustainable — using only locally grown or ethically sourced dye plants.

Warm weather is coming, but for a few more weeks we're still spending lazy Sundays catnapping in bed where it's safe, taking in all of the sunlight and resting our heads on these new cushions. The new lilac, minty greens, and deep teals will basically guarantee dreams of boating with Monet. You only need one to make an idyllic statement, but we're into the whole Princess and the Pea pile thing Atwood has going on in the lookbook ahead.

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