Ditching Your Date Just Got Easy...iPhones, We Love You

True girlfriends are the ones who clear their calendars on your date nights, just in case an emergency escape call is required. But now you can allow them to have a social life, too, thanks to eHarmony's new Bad Date Rescue App, aka, your new BFF.
We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Dating in the city can be hell. It's bad enough we’ve had to endure appetizer, entrée, and dessert with Mr. Definitely Not The One, but because we raved about our day off tomorrow means we have no excuse to avoid after-dinner drinks. That’s usually the point when we pray for our phones to buzz, or come down with a 10-minute bout of illness. Thanks to technology, gone are the days of feigning headaches and owing your BFFs big time. Ditching a dude is done at the touch of a button. For a gracious escape, the free app lets you pre-schedule a call and even guides you through your exit strategy with a script. No more tongue-tied tales or tedious meetups over cocktails. If we’re not in to you, we’re outta there! What do you think? Is this a little insensitive, or are you ready to say, "So long, sucker!"? (Reuters)
Photo: Via Reuters

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