This Total-Body Workout Doesn’t Feel Like Work

tracyembed1Photographed By Julia Robbs.
Tracy Anderson is the ultimate dance-cardio diva. She pioneered the modern fitness craze that mixes high-energy choreography with muscle-toning moves set to pulsating club music. Of course, not everyone has access to Anderson’s exclusive studios. Luckily, this month, she’s launching a next-level version of her best-selling workout, Tracy Anderson Dance Aerobics, which features brand new cardio-meets-fly-girl routines. The goal: Work up a sweat while unleashing your inner Queen Bey, all in the comfort of your living room.
Tracy, a former dancer, created these routines in a specific pattern to keep your heart rate elevated and challenge your muscles in every direction. So, while you may have a great time doing that sexy-turn/twist/ diagonal-kick/hair-flip combo, it also helps sculpt a firmer core.
I tested out the new workout and caught up with Tracy to get the scoop. Her popular 2011 Metamorphosis DVD was designed to be “really simple so that people will feel comfortable jumping around to music. [It] built up endurance and confidence.” Dance Aerobics takes it one step further with more difficult choreography.
While I hadn’t tried Metamorphosis, I’ve never had a problem keeping up with other kickboxing classes. Still, I was unprepared for the challenging dance routines and suddenly felt like I didn’t know my right from my left. The intricate moves were tricky (way more complicated than Zumba or kickboxing) and a bit intimidating at first. Tracy makes it look so easy — all while wearing a crop top that flashes her superhuman abs. The more I practiced, the more fluid my movements became. Soon, I was able to have fun with it and kick up my energy level. The DVD also comes with a step-by-step breakdown, which I highly recommend studying before starting.
Unleash Your Inner Popstar_Tracy Anderson DVDCourtesy Of Tracy Anderson.
Tracy isn’t without controversy. Her philosophy is rooted in the notion that to create a "feminine" physique, you need to focus on working the smaller muscles with low weight, high rep movements. She often slams methods like endurance running and indoor cycling for creating bulk.
Whether you’re a fan of Tracy or not, Dance Aerobics has a fun factor a lot of hardcore workouts seem to be missing. And, it’s an equipment-free way to sneak in a workout at home. Will you get a Gwyneth Paltrow-like physique after a week of dancing? Probably not. But, despite initial frustration and a lot of sweat, I actually enjoyed myself and wanted to do it again. The best part? Even if you haven’t tried one of Tracy’s other DVDs yet, you can still jump right in to her new routine. Tracy designed Dance Aerobics for “anyone, any shape, any age, any fitness level,” and it’s really all about a “fun way to celebrate life.”
If you want to start channeling your inner pop star, pre-order Dance Aerobics here.

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