NYU Student Unleashes On Teacher, Begs For Publicity, We Oblige

We all had that one teacher in school who we just couldn't seem to get along with (how you like us now, Ms. Richards?), but this particular NYU exchange courtesy of student Sara Ackerman and teacher Catilin Zaloom takes things to a whole new level. In her slew of rambling complaints, Ackerman includes minor offenses like being forced to raise her hand for a whopping 75 seconds, and major offenses like being coerced into talking to drug addicts and mentally unstable protestors at OWS against her will and better judgement. She got so heated, she threatened (and then proceeded) to post these complaints in a public email (check) and send it off to local media (check, check, and check). But despite her promises of being mentally stable, this kind of talk, combined with her Facebook posts, lead us to believe otherwise...but then again, looks like we couldn't help but engage in her academic word sword fight too. Read the full email and tell us if you think she's totally justified or uh, not at all. (Gawker)
Photo: Via Gawker

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