Affordable Lighting Ideas For When Your Bedroom Is A Black Hole

Photographed by Gunnar Larson.
Good windows just might be the holy grail of apartment hunting — especially if you live in a crowded urban area. Nice light is hard to come by for many a small-space dweller, those who are likely making do with tiny windows that look out onto alleyways. (But at least your shower is in an actual bathroom and not the kitchen, right? No? Oh, sorry.) We commiserate, and come bearing bright news.

Ahead, we've rounded up five lighting solutions — from statement bulbs to no-footprint floor lamps — that will solve all of your dimly lit, cramped-quarters crises. If you need a reading light, there's a super-sleek sconce. If there's no available surface space on your nightstand for a lamp, we found the perfect floor lamp. Better yet? They're all under $100, so you can save money to buy your own open, sun-filled loft.
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Photographed by Winnie Au.
The Sconce Lamp
If your bedroom is super-tiny and you just need a reading light, a sconce is the way to go.
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A wide rim is where it's at.
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Go for the gold with this swivel option.
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The platform adds a modern touch.
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Photographed by Mindy Best.
The Pendant Light
A naked bulb hanging from a cord is industrial and sleek — perfect for minimalists.
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If it's hanging from the middle of the ceiling, it might as well make a statement.
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These colorful cords are ideal for custom wiring your own DIY fixture.
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Keep it retro with a classic red.
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Photographed by Winnie Au.
Floor Lamps
If you can't nail into your walls, but still want the sconce look, hide a tall, skinny lamp behind your side table.
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A midcentury modern reference, with a doable price.
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A subtle, light silver — you won't even notice it's there.
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An ocean blue with vast colorblocking possibilities.
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Photographed by Gunnar Larson.
Geometric Pendant Light
A graphic shape in a high corner will draw the eye upward and make your room seem larger.
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A geometric shape adds interest to a minimalist space.
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Believe it or not, this is from Pottery Barn Kids.
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Swirls on sale, right here.
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Photographed by Gunnar Larson.
The Statement Bulb
Let the light fill the room with an exposed, show-stopping bulb.
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Get that romantic glow on.
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Do not wave this as a wand, as tempting as it may be.
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Welcome to space — a.k.a. your home.

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