The Best Scarves For This Tricky In-Between Weather

Sure, it looks warm outside. (This observation is based on the very scientific method of looking out the window in the morning.) But, once you actually step out into the deceptive sun, you quickly discover that it's way breezier and chillier than you thought. This transitional weather can be difficult to pin down.

That is, unless, you're armed (ahem, necked?) with a light scarf. These essential pieces of fabric are exactly the portable layer you need for these pesky, in-betweeen temperatures. So, we've rounded up 25 iterations of the essential accessory — including everything from oversized, chiffon blanket-types to sleek, silken skinnies — that are sure to keep you chic and cozy. Let's get you (lightly) wrapped up.
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Welcome to the jungle.
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This one goes out to those who see the world in a thousand colors.
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The perfect no-fuss, throw-on-and-go scarf.
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We're telling you now — it's okay to bug out.
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A portrait you can wear around your neck.
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An easy, everyday scarf with a patterned kick.
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We're feeling the nostalgic vibes of this '80s-inspired scarf.
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Tiny. Charlie. Chaplins.
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You can always count on a trusty, multi-functional bandana.
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It's a map of paradise that will stay with you.
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A body-length wrap for extra-breezy days.
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Watercolors are on point for spring.
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Out of this world? We think so.
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May this dagger-print scarf make you feel protected.
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This scarf strikes that perfect balance between elegant and fun.
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Fear not — this is an adorable and cuddly shark attack. Promise.

Alexa Sofia Shark Attack, $120, available at Alexa Sofia.
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This thin, decorative scarf gives a nod to a men's tie.
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If you can't make it to St. Bart, bring St. Bart to you (in scarf form).
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You've been spotted — wearing this blue beauty.
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Patterns aplenty, it's like having five scarves in one.
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You can't go wrong with a simple black-and-white palette.
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This Julia Dault-print scarf is a true work of art.

Massif Central Julia Dault 'Time After Time', $350, available at Massif Central.
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It's a dip-dye look we're deep into.
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A remix on the classic leopard print.
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It's chaotic, it's scribbly, and it's just your style.

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