Learn The Fine Art of Luxe Beer Cocktails (Yeah, Beer Cocktails)

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69 Colebrooke Row is throwing January calorie caution to the wind to host a beer-based cocktail masterclass. For those troubled with fearful visions of a pale ale Pina Colada or a shandy Martini, fear not, you're in safe hands. After all, the bijou Islington hang-out has been named top 10 bars in the world—and even Heston Blumenthal enjoys a tipple there when he's not tinkering with his chemistry set.
The beer cocktail masterclass is hosted by bartender Tony Conigliaro (he's kind of a big deal in the kingdom of alcohol). The former International Bartender of the Year has a rep as a bona-fide drinks pioneer and molecular mixologist, and the bar even includes a bespoke laboratory where couture concoctions are apparently created using smoke guns, centrifuges and water baths. This will hopefully ease any concerns that a beer-based cocktail masterclass means perfecting the turbo shandy and other dodgy lager concoctions reserved for student union bars.
In fact, according to Tony, beer-based cocktails are the next big thing in the world of mixology. During the class, he'll show you how to create (and sample) cocktails mixed with a wide variety of beers including local stouts, light beers from Germany, and stronger pale ales from around the UK. Intrigued? Don't worry, you can always do dry January next year...
The class is on January 26 and costs £40; visit 69 Colebrooke Row's website to book your spot.
Photo via Completely London

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