Hair Extensions PSA: You Did It Wrong If You Look Like Your Dog

Hair extensions can be a wonderful thing — in moderation. They're definitely great if you need a little extra volume, or want to add some extra-length when your stylist gets a little scissor-happy. But the key to extensions is that they should look natural — ideally, you don't want anyone else to know they're there.
Unfortunately, SO.CAP.USA (the leader in hair extensions, naturally) didn't quite get the memo when they were designing their new line of add-on locks, called SHE. Although they've used "hand-selected, 100% European-type human hair" and employed a team of "specialized research chemists, engineers, and hair extensionists" to create their strands, we're thinking they strayed a little too far from "au natural" and ended up in major WTF territory.
While we're not entirely sure what "European-type" means, or why chemists and hair extentionists (is that a real job?) were necessary for this endeavor, we do know that we find the gray extensions pretty chic, and that there are definitely people over the age of 15 who can rock some jewel-toned strands — not many people, mind you, but still, some.
Sadly, some of their other extension offerings can only be classified as, well, unfortunate. Did a Scarlet Macaw explode on one model's head? Is the other model trying to smuggle a cocker spaniel into the country? So many questions, so few answers. Look, we're all for experimenting with different colors, textures, and lengths, when it comes to hair, but we also don't want our locks to bear any passing resemblance to anything from the animal kingdom. But maybe that's just us?
Photos: Courtesy of 5WPR

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