Androgynous Hairstyles & Why We Love Them

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Styles that bridge traditional gender norms have captivated us for decades. Annie Lennox and Grace Jones exuded confidence with their cropped hair and masculine tailoring. Tilda Swinton has delighted our senses many times over. David Bowie blew our minds in Labyrinth. Playing with identity shows an open and fearless attitude toward personal style.
And, when it comes to sweeping traditional rules under the rug, hair is a great place to start. We predict seeing even more androgynous hair next year, as the trend becomes norm. Now’s the time to try it out and rock it with pride. It’s all about acceptance, curiosity, and experimentation: Just take it from these trend-setters.
Edit note: A previous version of this story included an image of Andreja Pejic. As several commenters have pointed out, Ms. Pejic is in no way androgynous, nor is her hair. We apologize to Andreja and regret the error.
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Chloë Sevigny
The art-house starlet’s bold choices invite crushes from all points of the gender spectrum. Her hair looks fantastic short, slicked-back, long, blunt — we honestly can’t think of a time when it wasn’t right on the money. Chloë, you’re a mega-babe.
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Jared Leto
We’ve been known to harbor major Leto hair envy. The actor’s ombré, surfer-guy waves are enough to make those of us who “aren’t into dudes with long hair” question our convictions. Whether it’s the lady-locks love or the fact that we get lost in his baby blues, we can’t stop staring at him. There’s no question that he’s embraced his feminine side, and we're digging it.
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Michelle Williams
Michelle’s coveted short crop combines the edginess of an undercut with the softness of a pixie. Whether she wears it with bold lipstick and a tailored cocktail dress or an oversized cardigan and oxfords, she's always on-point.
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Ilana Glazer
The breakthrough comedian plays around with androgyny in her TV show Broad City: Her style is fly, her 'fro is frizzy, and she goes from femme to butch and back again, crushing it every time. We especially love her pompadour and tux in episode 8 of season 1.
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Robin Wright
Robin nails it with her hair in House of Cards. It’s short, simple, masculine, and absolutely sexy. Her sharp, minimalist style makes us want to get our locks chopped, find a great tailor, and start running shit like her character, Claire Underwood. Her haircut was one of the most requested in salons last year, often by long-haired women who were ready for a major change.
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Carla Juri
The star of this year’s indie favorite Wetlands TMIs her way through life with a short, boyish mop of messy curls. Her style looks like she cut it herself in the best kind of way, and we’re glad to see her embracing the still-going dirty-hair trend. It doesn’t work for everyone — but it does for her.
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