Andrea Linett’s Things-You-Need-Right-Now List

One of the cofounders of Lucky magazine and its former creative director, Andrea Linett, has helped us develop and celebrate our obsession with shopping, taking it from a hobby to a lifestyle. Currently, as a creative director and the author of the book I Want To Be Her!, Linett's now taken the time to indulge us in a little shopping eye candy each month with the six items she craving.
When I was packing for my recent trip to Paris, I just figured I’d bring everything I would wear for a week in Manhattan — my usual skinny jeans, Acne Pistol boots, and a nice menswear coat, which works anywhere. But, when I got there, aye aye aye!
While my husband was looking at beautiful architecture and French Motorbike stores, I was busy studying the chic women all over the place, sauntering down Rue Vieille du Temple and sitting in cafés talking about who knows what. I am now obsessed with looking like they do all summer, and here are a few things to get us there.

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