These Are The Under $10 Foods That Real Millennial Women Buy Every Week

Grocery shopping is a necessary evil for some and a welcome routine for others. But regardless of where you might find yourself on this spectrum, having an ongoing shopping list and a repeating Google calendar date with the supermarket feels like an inevitable part of adulting. Whether it's a carton of eggs, a box of mac and cheese, avocados, or even a pint of ice cream, we all have our go-to under $10 products that we pick up like clockwork on a weekly basis. And since we're always looking to upgrade our shopping experiences based on reccos from friends, we decided to poll millennial women across the country in order to create the comprehensive list ahead.

Scroll on to see which repeat, budget-buy groceries our peers are picking up and why — from students to chefs and packaged to fresh.

American Cheese, $4.99

"American cheese tastes good on everything."

Occupation: Writer
Age: 28

Noosa Yogurt, $2.50

"Healthy snack that satisfies the sweet tooth."

Occupation: Doctor
Age: 27

Zucchini, $2-$6

"It’s an alternative for noodles (zoodles) or can just be eaten as a vegetable side. "

Occupation: Grad Student
Age: 25

Annie's Macaroni & Cheese, $2

"Fast, easy, can add in vegetables or a protein."

Occupation: Law Student
Age: 26

Tuna Salad Lunch To-Go Kit, $1

"Fast, cheap lunch I can keep in my desk at work."

Occupation: Client Associate
Age: 25

Organic Cage-Free Eggs, $6.50

"The taste is much better than white eggs and I like to support local companies."

Occupation: Chef
Age: 27

Coconut Creamer, $4

"For my coffee."

Occupation: Graduate Student
Age: 27

5-Grain Bakery Bread, $3.79

"Sandwiches for kids school lunches."

Occupation: Accountant
Age: 46

Sparkling Lemon Water, $3 per 6-pack (varies)

"I’ve been a huge soda drinker most of my life, but I stopped drinking soda cold turkey in August 2017. Now, I mostly drink tap water, with the occasional coffee or tea drink. I like to keep sparkling fruit-flavored waters on hand. It beats the Diet Dr. Pepper I was guzzling before!"

Occupation: Educator
Age: 25

Honey Crisp Apples, $8-$10

"Quick, easy, & healthy."

Occupation: Teacher
Age: 28

Lifeway Organic Kefir, $2.99

"It’s the 'champagne of dairy'! But it’s also a 1 cup serving of fruity, tart goodness that acts as a pseudo-smoothie."

Occupation: Graduate Student
Age: 25

Avocados, $2 each

"Goes with everything."

Occupation: Graphic Designer
Age: 33

Canned Beans, $1-1.50 per can

"Canned beans are a cheap, easy source of protein and I'm too lazy to cook dried beans."

Occupation: Student
Age: 24

Trader Joe's Spinach Tortellini, $2.99

"It's easy, delicious, and can be made a lot of different ways with whatever you have in the fridge/cupboard!"

Occupation: Social Media Editor
Age: 24

Lettuce, $1.50

"I can eat it with anything."

Occupation: Recertification Specialist
Age: 26

Milk, $5.50

"For my cereal."

Occupation: Director
Age: 27

Coffee, $6

"Because I run on caffeine."

Occupation: Executive Assistant, Architecture Firm
Age: 24

Shredded Cheddar, $3

"Add it to anything!"

Occupation: Logistical Project Coordinator
Age: 30

Sweet Potatoes, $3

"It's cheap, makes a great meal (and lunch the next day), healthy, and there are so many different easy bowls that you can make out of it! And you can cook it in the microwave."

Occupation: Sales, Tech Startup
Age: 25

Breakfast Turkey Sausage, $4

"Easy, early AM — get up, microwave, eat, and you're done."

Occupation: Sales Operations
Age: 28

Trader Joe's Just Mango Slices, $3.99

"Healthier than a bag of chips, more satisfying than eating raw fruits and veggies."

Occupation: Marketing
Age: 27

Whole Wheat Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli, $7.99

"They're super fast, easy, and relatively healthy. Plus they're quite tasty."

Occupation: Editor
Age: 27

Jalapeños, $1.99 per bag of 5

"I cook with jalapeños a lot, and they always at tons of flavor to my dishes! Also, good for salads."

Occupation: Media Planner
Age: 30

BelGioiso Fresh Mozzarella Log, $9.99

"Fresh mozzarella is a must — tomato, basil, and mozzarella dishes are a staple. I crave it all the time. It's versatile, fresh, and soooo tasty!"

Occupation: HR Specialist
Age: 30

Hummus, $2.50

"I eat hummus daily as a healthy snack. I typically buy the family size, store brand tub. If they came in even bigger sizes I'd probably buy that too, because I have a problem...this is a cry for help."

Occupation: TV News Producer
Age: 27

Lactaid Lactose Free Milk, $4-$5

"I use it a lot in the kitchen."

Occupation: Dog Care Professional
Age: 27

Siggi's Icelandic-Style Yogurt, $5-$7

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Plus lots of protein."

Occupation: Client Services, Tech Company
Age: 25

Spinach, $5

"I can use it in every meal—from breakfast smoothies, lunch salads, to warm dinners."

Occupation: Content Strategy Editor
Age: 31

Juice, $3

"Because I love juice with dinner, if not wine."

Occupation: Financial Services
Age: 29
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