Feeling Blue? Astrologers Are Using These 6 Crystals To Combat Bad Moods

Everyone has off days. Maybe something happened to bring you down, or maybe the bad energy appears out of thin air. When one of these gloomy periods descend, you probably have some pick-me-ups in your back pocket — a good run, a favorite food, a talk with friends. And increasingly, people are turning to the power of crystals to lift their moods. Some even use healing crystals to address depression, though there's no medical evidence to back its effectiveness. Those suffering from depression should see a physician.

But as the wellness industry explores non-traditional avenues to seeking wellbeing, people like Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer at Astrology.com and Horoscope.com, suggest that crystals are worth trying. "When it comes to handling blue moods, crystals can have a positive impact because of their stimulating and energizing properties," says Montúfar.


She says that believers think that each special stone holds a spirit — and that humans can connect to that spirit by being able to communicate with it. "This is the reason working with crystals involves meditating while holding them close to our bodies, it helps activate their powers," she explains.

We asked Montúfar to name the crystals with the most uplifting energy. Try grabbing one of these the next time you're feeling unmotivated, lonely, or sad. Maybe it will work for you.

Sunshine Aura Quartz

"It’s not only shiny and gorgeous to look at, this crystal also inspires optimism, joy, and encourages spontaneity," explains SAYS Montúfar. "Placing it in your chest while meditating will help you connect to its powers."

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This crystal is known for being motivating — which is something everyone needs when they're feeling down in the dumps. "Being an anxiety reducer, Carnelian will be your ally when it comes to finding your inner power and the courage to believe in yourself," says Montúfar.
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"A pro at dissipating fear and stress, this underrated stone relates to the fiery, life-giving energy of the Sun, giving you visibility when you need it the most," says Montúfar.

The sunstone is especially good for those who have trouble saying no to others. It can help give you the energy you need to stand up for yourself.
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Citrine promotes a sunny and joyful disposition towards life — something each and every one of us could use. "Having this crystal is especially advised if your sadness is career-related as it promotes creativity and abundance in the workplace by dissipating self-doubt," says Montúfar.
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This crystal has also been called “drops of the sun” and “tears of the gods”, according to Montúfar. "This crystal’s metaphysical properties are known for setting the mind free of negative and stagnant energy," she explains.
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Rose Quartz

"The reason [rose quartz] helps with sadness is because above all, it promotes self-love and self-care," says Montúfar. "This crystal is particularly positive if your mood is love-related, as it will help mend a broken heart."
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