16 Spiritual Subscription Boxes To Gift Your Crystal-Crazed Friend

Sure, you could give your ultra-spiritual friend a single crystal or just one candle for the holidays, but given the vast array of spiritual subscription boxes available, you can feel free to dream a little bigger with what you give them.

From tarot-specific kits to crystal-of-the-month clubs, there's surely a subscription out there to fit your friend's exact witchy interests. It's just a matter of finding the right box.


Luckily, we've rounded up some of our favorite subscription kits for the witches, esoterica fans, and crystal healers in your social circle. Read on to find the perfect gift that will keep on giving — it's almost like magic.

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Nine of Earth

What you get: Six or more mystical items including a Tarot/Oracle related item, at least one piece of unique jewelry, t-shirts, crystals, home décor, candles, books, and more.

Who needs it: Anyone wanting to build their tarot collection.

Rates: $60/every other month

Spiral Rain

What you get: An assortment of jewelry, crystals, aromatherapy products, vegan beauty, incenses, candles, and other spiritual items.

Who needs it: Anyone who is passionate about the mystical and magickal arts.

Rates: Plans start at $21CAD/month

My Little Magic Shop

What you get: Five to seven products (with instructions on how to use them!) including crystals, candles, jewelry, and other spiritual self-care tools.

Who needs it: The astrology-loving friend who's always tagging you in Co-Star memes.

Rates: Plans start at $33.17/month

Goddess Provisions

What you get: Between five to seven rotating products ranging from crystals to tea to aromatherapy tools to healthy snacks.

Who needs it: Your friend whose self-care routine involves a trip to the apothecary.

Rates: Plans start at $27.75/month

Lumi Gemstones

What you get: A mixed assortment of thoughtfully-curated, hand-picked crystals or jewelry depending on your budget and lifestyle.

Who needs it: The crystal lover who also loves surprises.

Rates: $6.43-$64.33 per box (or £5-£50 equivalent — it ships from the U.K!)

Healing Crystals for Beginners

What you get: Anywhere from three to nine beautiful crystals sent straight to your doorstep.

Who needs it: Anyone who wants to learn more about crystals or begin a collection.

Rates: Shipping is free, and prices range from $35 for three crystals to $62 for nine crystals.

Modern Mystics Box

What you get: Each box features a personal tarot reading for the month ahead and a hand-selected crystal, plus a candle and an essential oil.

Who needs it: Your friend who wants a subscription that feels personal.

Rates: $40 for a single box, $95 for three months, and $200 for six months.

Enchanted Crystals

What you get: While the Crystal of the Month subscription highlights one variety of stone and its properties, the Crystal Variety Box features four to six different types of crystals plus a cloth grid.

Who needs it: Your friend who wants to learn more crystals in general.

Rates: $14.50/mo (plus shipping) for the Crystal of the Month and $39/mo (plus shipping) for the Crystal Variety Box.


What you get: A monthly package focused on the moon's cycle that month, featuring step-by-step ritual guides, meditation recommendations, a lunar tapestry, and an array of tea and essential oil recipes.

Who needs it: Your friend who never misses the full moon.

Rates: $15/mo for Calendar + Crystal Box, $22/mo (plus shipping) for the Mini Moon Box, and $34/mo (plus shipping) for the Moon Box.

Crystal Bliss

What you get: Two to three crystals and explanations of their properties, plus a piece of jewelry, a bath or beauty product, and digital meditation guides every month.

Who needs it: Your friend who is constantly clearing out their crystal collection.

Rates: $49.99 for month-to-month boxes and $142.36 for three months prepaid.

Spiritual Goodies

What you get: Five to six items based around an affirmation for the month, including jewelry, journals, crystals, and other spiritual tools.

Who needs it: Your friend who likes a gift with a clear theme.

Rates: $39.99 (plus shipping) for month-to-month boxes, $109.97 (plus shipping) for three months prepaid, $214.94 (plus shipping) for six months prepaid, and $414.88 (plus shipping) for 12 months prepaid.

Tamed Wild

What you get: A ritual kit that will set the tone for the month, including herbs, teas, crystals, incense, altar decor, and more.

Who needs it: Your friend who wants to learn more about earth magic and medicine.

Rates: $20/month (plus shipping) or $28 for a one-time purchase.

The Crystal Council

What you get: A completely customized set of crystals selected based on your preferences and spiritual goals.

Who needs it: Your friend who knows what they want.

Rates: Starting at $11/month for the Seeker Box, $25/month for the Apprentice Box, and $50/month for the Master Box.

Crystal Mineral Mystery Box

What you get: These single-serving boxes offer assortments of rough and polished healing crystals in a wide variety of shapes.

Who needs it: Your friend who'd rather have a one-and-done box than a full subscription.

Rates: $11.04 (plus shipping) for the Just The Basics box, $18.41 (plus shipping) for the Small Box, and $58.90 (plus shipping) for the Large Box.

Astral Box

What you get: Each month offers a themed set of spiritual tools, bath products, crystal items, wellness rituals, and more.

Who needs it: Your friend who likes their spirituality with a side of millennial pink.

Rates: $57/month

Awakening in a Box

What you get: A monthly selection of crystals and other spiritual items intended to strengthen, ground, and advance your meditation practice.

Who needs it: Your friend whose Instagram feed is nothing but crystal grids.

Rates: $14/mo for the Awakening Box, $35/mo for the Mystic Tarot and Empowering Oracle Box, and $39/mo for the Enlightened Box.
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