Olivia Wilde Is Making Updos Cool Again

When I was in high school, it was deemed tacky to wear your prom hairstyle after the event. Even if prom fell on a Thursday, the unwritten rule was to take down your updo and wash your hair by homeroom that Friday morning.

My mom wasn't with it, though — she didn't spend all that money on a side bun and swoop for nothing! — and made me keep my style in for at least another week, much to my dissatisfaction. However, if I were able to rock an updo from Olivia Wilde's collection of styles, I would not complain. Have you seen her on the carpet before? Girl can werk a bun and ponytail.

Check out some of her best, most prom-worthy styles in the slides ahead — plus a tutorial for recreating one on short hair. Whether you're in high school or not, you'll definitely want in on these.

This angel showed off one hell of a halo braid (and bun) at the 2016 Oscars.
You know what they say: Three to four buns are better than one. Wilde stacked 'em up flawlessly for a red carpet event.
David Babaii told InStyle that he used Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment to smooth his client's hair before sectioning off her pony with elastics every two inches. And it clearly paid off.
You don't have to have waist-length extensions to get in on these looks. Wilde's braided chignon is perfect for those with shorter hair, too; just check out this how-to video.

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