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38 Romantic Christmas Movies You Can Stream Right Now

It's true that Christmas movies have often been a mixed bag. There are the slapstick classics, the somber moralizers, and of course the kids' stalwarts. But what about the viewers who just want to drink wine, eat a whole cheese board, and dream of falling in love with a hunky rancher? Well, luckily there's an entire subgenre of holiday romance movies that really are that specific. 

While, for many years, the hopelessly cheesy romantic Christmas movie was a rare breed in Hollywood, the genre was thriving on channels like Hallmark and Lifetime. But over the last few years the streaming services have gotten in on the act too by acquiring corny festive movies that already exist or making their very own. So if you don't have cable, but do have Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max, Disney+, and Hulu, you can also get in on the romance, good times, and cheer of these feel-good faves. 


From inclusive Netflix and Hulu originals to the more classical Hallmark-style fare, there's something for every romantic who's hoping for a saccharine escape this holiday season. Whether you want to fake date your way through the holidays, return to a small town and rekindle an old flame, or fall in love with unassuming royalty, you can live vicariously here.

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While You Were Sleeping 

Where to watch: Disney+

Sandra Bullock plays a lonely transit worker, Lucy, who saves her work crush (Peter Gallagher) from a deadly accident, only to pretend to be his fiance while he's recovering in a coma. It might not sound romantic but it is a classic holiday rom-com so why not give it a try.

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12 Dates of Christmas

Where to watch: Disney+

Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Amy Smart star in this ABC made-for-tv movie that puts a spin on the classic Groundhog Day format. Smart is stuck in a romantic time loop reliving the same Christmas Eve date over and over again until she finds love...

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Where to Watch: Netflix

Emma Roberts leads this festive rom-com which is one of Netflix's newest original offerings. A pair of millennials team up to fake-date their way through a year of holidays. Sounds like a classic fan fic setup to us.

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Happiest Season

Where to Watch: Hulu

Hulu is bringing Clea Duvall's lesbian Christmas flick to our screens this holiday season and we couldn't be more grateful. Mackenzie Davies and Kristen Stewart star as lovers who have to hide their relationship during a holiday vacation — it breaks ground, and hits every cheesy holiday rom-com beat you've come to expect.

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Holiday Affair 

Where to watch: HBO Max

Hollywood icons Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh lead this classic holiday movie about a charming but troubled young woman torn between her boring fiancé and the loving, ne'er do well who saves her bacon during the festive season.

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Last Christmas

Where to Watch: Hulu

Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding broke the internet with this wild release last year. In case you don't know what it's about, Clarke plays a heart transplant survivor and Golding plays her enchanting new love interest. 

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Let it Snow

Where to Watch: Netflix 

Though it skews a little younger than the rest of our offerings, this YA Christmas movie is a total delight. A series of cute interconnected stories showcase love, friendship, and family during the festive season. 
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Where to watch: Disney+

When a young woman (Christina Milian) finds herself transported into a magical snow globe she becomes entangled in the innocent and lovely world, as well as a love triangle with her real life boyfriend and the man she discovers in the magical Christmas land.

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A Cinderella Christmas

Where to Watch: Hulu

Though it wasn't made by the network, this one has big Hallmark energy. A young event planner who's regularly exploited by her evil sister falls in love with a wealthy, charming man who needs to get married in order to get his inheritance.

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Christmas Inheritance

Where to Watch: Netflix

After publicly embarrassing herself during the festive season, a wealthy and irresponsible socialite has to visit her father's small hometown in order to make amends, inherit his huge company, and learn the true meaning of Christmas.

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The Holiday Calendar

Where to Watch: Netflix

When a cynical young photographer is gifted a magical holiday calendar, she soon comes to realize that it might be telling her future. But what will she do when the calendar hints at a romance she never saw coming?

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Holiday in the Wild

Where to Watch: Netflix

Rob Lowe and Kristen Davis star in this Christmas vacation schmaltz-fest. A jilted wife (Davis) heads to Zambia for what was supposed to be her second honeymoon where she meets a hunky wildlife enthusiast played by Lowe.

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The Knight Before Christmas

Where to Watch: Netflix

Finish up your Hudgens triple bill with her most ridiculous yet charming Christmas offering. Here she plays a teacher who falls in love with a literal knight who gets transported through time. 

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A New York Christmas Wedding

Where to Watch: Netflix 

With every other big festive film service delivering on queer Christmas too, Netflix couldn't be left out. This wild story about a bisexual bride to be who's visited by an angel who shows her what life could have been.

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Second Chance Christmas

Where to Watch: Hulu

When a woman decides to leave her useless husband she's hit by a car and gains amnesia. Her husband uses this as an excuse to change his ways and romance her back into his life, which is actually super creepy if you think about it.

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Hometown Holiday

Where to Watch: Netflix

When a big time entertainment lawyer heads to a small town to sign a rancher turned local singing sensation, he never expects to fall for the small town life and a special small town girl.

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Christmas Belle

Where to Watch: Hulu

Haylie Duff stars in this modern Beauty and the Beast reimagining that centers on an independent woman sent to catalog the estate of a cranky, insular hunk who might end up being her dream man.

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A Christmas Prince

Where to Watch: Netflix

Netflix's first big original festive movie hit, A Christmas Prince, adapts a popular made-for-TV holiday movie trope: a normal girl falls in love with a royal from a small sovereign nation. It's completely ridiculous fun.

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It Happened on 5th Avenue

Where to watch: HBO Max

Judy Garland is the love interest in this class comedy where she stars as the daughter of a wealthy old man whose townhouse has been repurposed by two unhoused men. When she turns up to stay, she falls for the veteran who lives there and decides to help him.

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A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Where to Watch: Netflix

In what is surely their biggest original film franchise yet, Netflix has made not one but two sequels to the Christmas Prince starting with this one, which is you guessed it... about a wedding!

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A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

Where to Watch: Netflix

Sure, this third Christmas Prince movie is about a baby... but it also has the extra added drama of an ancient curse that was cast on the royal family, so honestly how can you not check it out?
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The Princess Switch

Where to Watch: Netflix

Vanessa Hudgens stars as both a baker and a princess in this Prince and the Pauper riff that features two delightful romances. The pair meet when baker Hudgens gets invited to a fancy baking competition judged by the royal.

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Grumpy Old Men

Where to watch: HBO Max

This classic holiday comedy might not immediately scream romance but it is about a love triangle between Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau after the gorgeous Ann-Margret moves into their neighborhood and begins to cause chaos between the two titular cranks.

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The Princess Switch: Switched Again

Where to Watch: Netflix

If two Hudgens weren't enough then maybe you'll be satisfied by this newly released Princess Switch sequel which stars three Hudgens, including a brand new villain who's trying to steal the crown.

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The Shop Around the Corner

Where to watch: HBO Max

This 1940 film arguably set up one of the most beloved rom-com tropes of all time. An embittered pair of shop owners can't stand each other, but have secretly already fallen in love as anonymous penpals!

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A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

Where to Watch: Netflix 

When a young impoverished singer-songwriter has a coffee spilled on her, the only person to come to her aid is a handsome billionaire. They quickly become close, but can this modern day Cinderella story really last?

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Naughty & Nice

Where to Watch: Hulu

Haylie Duff is back. This time as a hopeless romantic who begins a seemingly ill-fated romance with a cynical radio DJ who has been sent to her small town to discover the true meaning of Christmas.

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The Christmas Calendar

Where to Watch: Hulu

A local baker is given a calendar by a secret admirer and the strange gift soon becomes the Christmas mystery that everyone in town wants to solve. Could it be from her hunky new friend?

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The Family Man

Where to watch: HBO Max

Nic Cage offers up a very Cage-y performance in this 2000 flick that reimagines It's a Wonderful Life but instead lets Cage's businessman see what life would have been like if he'd become a family man instead of a high-powered investment banker.
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Falling for Christmas

Where to Watch: Prime Video 

After injuring herself a professional ice skater has to head to rehab center to recover. While there she discovers an unexpected connection with an ice fisherman that could change her life forever.

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The Christmas Contract

Where to Watch: Prime Video 

Returning home for Christmas after a killer breakup is never easy but doing it when your ex has a new girlfriend is even harder. So a plan is hatched: team up with your best friend's flaky brother to fake date through the holiday...

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Christmas With a Prince

Where to Watch: Prime Video

When a pediatrician has to treat a rogue royal who's broken his leg on a ski slope, she never expects to fall head over heels with the spoiled monarch. But while she has to help him secretly heal, the pair grow closer and it leads to an unsanctioned romance.

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Three Days

Where to watch: Disney+

A Christmas angel blesses a literary agent with three days with his wife (Kristen Davis) after she dies just before the holiday. But what will happen when his time is up? And can he fix the mistakes he made when she was still alive?

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The Spirit of Christmas

Where to Watch: Prime Video 

If none of these are spooky enough then we've got good news: This supernatural holiday romance follows a hard working lawyer who falls in love with a muscular ghost who's haunting the bed and breakfast she's appraising. 

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A Royal Christmas Ball

Where to Watch: Prime Video

Tara Reid stars as a woman who once fell in love with a prince. Shocker: she never told her daughter, who just happens to be the next in line to the throne of a small sovereign nation.
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Christmas on Holly Lane

Where to Watch: Prime Video 

When three old friends all return home for Christmas, they reconnect and despite their vastly different lives end up coming together to save the home where they made many special memories. 

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The Bishop's Wife

Where to watch: HBO Max

Cary Grant was literally a real life angel so no surprises that he plays one here. The angelic figure appears when a dejected bishop, Henry (David Niven), asks Heaven for some help building a cathedral. But when he doesn't like their helper he decides to stage a rebellion.

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New Year's Eve

Where to watch: HBO Max

So it's not technically set at Christmas but if you're looking for a film to take you through those strange days between December 25 and January 1, this anthology romance about a series of couples celebrating the New Year will surely do the job. 

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