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Our softer sides are making an appearance on Monday, as messenger Mercury forms a trine with dreamy Neptune in retrograde. We’re able to tap into our creative talents as these planets complement each other. Take every opportunity to explore new ideas and grow during this favorable transit.

We can ride out the holiday week with relative ease, but our tone may become a little more severe on Friday, as intellectual Mercury creates a sextile with power-seeking Pluto. We can take advantage of this powerful energy by focusing on executing projects, honing our elevator pitch, or studying up on fascinating new subjects. We may be seeking a little thrill in love that day as well, since flirtatious Venus will oppose dynamic Uranus. The transit could inspire us to begin chatting up a new romantic interest online, or mix things up with our regular partner. Another way to scratch that passionate itch is to plan another kind of adventure, such as taking a last-minute day trip or challenging ourselves by trying a new physical activity.


Happily, we’re more than ready to shake off that heavy energy we’ve all been shouldering lately. On Saturday, imaginative Neptune stations direct in sensitive Pisces. While the planet of dreams and illusions was moving in reverse, we were exposed to some harsh realities that needed facing. But as Neptune changes course, we’re treated to a sense of whimsy and a burst of creativity. We can enjoy, but should continue to stay present and keep these essential lessons we learned close to our hearts. Social Mercury forms a sextile with lucky Jupiter on Saturday, furthering the sense of ease we feel and creating an optimistic atmosphere. We’re in the mood to help others succeed, making it the perfect transit to try to make headway on a personal passion project, or to reach out to friends and family. 

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March 21 to April 19

When was the last time you did something special for yourself, Aries? You’ve got the chance to alter your routines for the better on Monday, as schedule-savvy Mercury forms a trine with inner growth-ruling Neptune in retrograde. Challenge yourself to incorporate a new self-care practice that helps you to reflect on your decisions and prioritize your needs over your wants. You’re about to be exposed to a new perspective starting on Saturday, as spiritual Neptune stations direct in psychic Pisces. You may have felt as though you were being faced with uncompromising viewpoints as Neptune moved retrograde, but he will soon encourage you to focus on supporting your hidden self while he moves forward, ultimately rewarding you with a deeper sense of intuition once the planet leaves his retroshade period on March 19. Are you craving a little intellectual stimulation? Feed your mind on Saturday, when routine-ruling Mercury forms a sextile with philosophical Jupiter.
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April 20 to May 20

Are you ready to get creative with your cash, Taurus? You could come up with a brilliant idea for your finances on Monday, as money-minded Mercury forms a trine with imaginative Neptune in retrograde. Explore new possibilities and make a list of things you’d like to accomplish as these planets support each other. In a relationship? You’ve got your future on the mind post-Thanksgiving, and you may find yourself talking about merging your assets with your partner on Friday, as financial-ruling Mercury creates a sextile with passionate Pluto. Use this transit to chat about how you can bring your shared goals to life. If you’re single, the meeting of these planets could inspire you to begin saving up for a dream of yours — get started. If you’re feeling restless at your job, try to look on the bright side of things on Friday when routine-ruling Venus opposes status-minded Uranus. Channel this energy into seeking out new opportunities without sacrificing your stability.
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May 21 to June 20

Don’t be afraid to take the lead, Gemini. Colleagues are ready to listen to your ideas on Monday as ruling Mercury forms a trine with status-conscious Neptune in retrograde. This creative transit lends itself well to collaboration, but you’ll still want to make your voice heard and make a splash. You’ve been made keenly aware of your opportunities and the realities of the world since career-ruling Neptune went retrograde back in June. The planet of dreams and illusions is ready to move forward again in Pisces, supporting your artistic and intuitive side starting on Saturday. Keep the lessons brought to you close to heart as Neptune leaves his post-retrograde shadow period on March 19, as they will help to guide you through any confusion you might face. Single or attached, you’ll be in the mood for all things lovey-dovey on Saturday, as ruling Mercury forms a sextile with affectionate Jupiter. Use this brilliant transit to connect with people who bring you joy and lift each other up.
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June 21 to July 22

Need a little alone-time, Cancer? After spending Thursday with loved ones (virtually or IRL), you’re ready to tuck away from the world on Friday, when inner growth-ruling Mercury creates a sextile with pleasure-seeking Pluto. Use this magical transit to focus on how you can communicate with your hidden self through meditation or tarot readings. Build up your self-confidence and channel your inner power as these planets complement each other. Have you been feeling a little down since luck-ruling Neptune stationed retrograde back in June? You’ll be excited to hear that the planet of dreams and illusions moves forward again on Saturday, when it stations direct in perceptive Pisces. Allow yourself to enjoy serendipitous moments, and look for beauty in all things as he moves forward. Prioritize your physical needs on Saturday, when spiritual-ruling Mercury forms a sextile with wellness-minded Jupiter. Explore fresh ways to support your body: Cook new recipes or incorporate new stretches in your routine as these planets support each other.
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July 23 to August 22

Have you been dreaming up something big, Leo? You could get the ball rolling on your idea on Monday when materialistic Mercury forms a trine with creative Neptune in retrograde. Bounce your ideas off of friends and loved ones before making any major investments of time or money. You’re ready to shift your financial thinking to more practical matters on Friday when money-minded Mercury creates a sextile with domestic-ruling Pluto. Use this powerful transit to chat with loved ones about your space and how you can improve it. If you’ve been thinking about changing locations, this would be an ideal time to make your case. Keep a cool head on Friday, as career-conscious Venus opposes passionate Uranus. You could be tempted to make some grandiose claims or dramatic gestures as these planets clash — make sure that you’ve got a backup plan in case your words get away from you.
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August 23 to September 22

Share your ideas, Virgo. You could be on the verge of making a breakthrough on one of your passion projects on Monday when status-minded Mercury forms a trine with enthusiastic Neptune in retrograde. Focus on how you can collaborate with others during this favorable transit — a new opinion could give your idea wings. Take some time to consider how your romantic perspective has shifted as Neptune, your love ruler, moved retrograde since June of this year. How have you grown in your relationships, and how have your needs changed? You’ve been blessed with the ability to understand your inner workings better and are ready to put yourself back out into the world as Neptune stations direct in deep-feeling Pisces on Saturday. Continue to protect yourself, and stay open to new possibilities as love-ruling Neptune leaves his retroshade period on March 19. Keep your mind open to inspirational thoughts on Saturday as status-minded Mercury forms a sextile with domestic-minded Jupiter on Saturday. You could have the chance to tap into a new audience or find a way to spread your message from the comfort of home.
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September 23 to October 22

Take it slow, Libra. Leave space to let yourself heal and relax on Monday, as spiritual Mercury forms a trine with wellness-minded Neptune in retrograde. Pay attention to how being kind to yourself can help you find inner peace as these planets complement each other. If you’ve been feeling a bit burnt out as of late, you’ll be encouraged to find out that Neptune, your health and wellness planet, stations direct in sensitive Pisces on Saturday, encouraging you to lighten your load. The planet of dreams and illusions has exposed you to some hard truths since he moved to retrograde back in June — these lessons will help you keep your feet on the ground as he stations direct. Neptune will conclude his post-retrograde shadow period on March 19, allowing you to enjoy a lighter-than-air attitude once again. Speak your mind and share your thoughts with those you trust on Saturday, as inner growth-governing Mercury forms a sextile with communication-ruling Jupiter. This is a gorgeous day to connect and share a sense of optimism.

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October 23 to November 21

Have you been looking for the right words, Scorpio? Get your talking points prepped and tap into your powers of persuasion on Friday when chatty Mercury creates a sextile with ruling Pluto. People will be drawn to your natural intensity during this powerful transit. If you’re in a relationship, you may want to guard yourself against getting into a heated conversation on Friday, as romantic-ruling Venus opposes domestic Uranus. Keep an open mind and listen with compassion as these planets clash against each other — you or your partner might be craving change in your space but don’t know precisely where to start. Use this transit to brainstorm ideas on maximizing your shared space. If you’re single, you may feel as though you’re ready for a change of scenery — make a list of your options before committing to anything permanent. You may find yourself interested in discussing financial matters on Saturday, as conversational Mercury forms a sextile with money-ruling Jupiter. Use this transit to learn, and dream up new goals.
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November 22 to December 21

Your options are limitless, Sagittarius. It’s all about opening up your perspective on Monday when passionate Mercury forms a trine with domestic Neptune in retrograde. Focus on how you can utilize your space to help make your dreams come true and figure out what steps you need to take next. Your idea of security and foundations have surely changed since June, when domestic-ruling Neptune stationed retrograde — the planet of dreams and illusions reveals hidden truths to us as he moves backward. You’re ready to enjoy a new sense of wonder and possibility as he stations direct in imaginative Pisces on Saturday. Hold on to the lessons brought to you by his retrograde motion, and let yourself imagine exciting new concepts for your home and loved ones when Neptune leaves his post-retrograde shadow period on March 19. Shine brightly on Saturday and share your positive outlook with others on Saturday, as ambitious Mercury forms a sextile with ruling Jupiter. Discuss your ideas, and focus on how you can build up your passion projects as these planets complement each other.
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December 22 to January 19

Try not to get ahead of yourself, Capricorn. Make sure that you’ve got all of the facts before you strike on others on Friday when career-ruling Venus opposes money-minded Uranus. If you’re feeling unsatisfied with your pay, make time to research your worth, and figure out how you can level up your game before approaching the gate-keepers. Use this electric transit to weigh your options, and seek out information before making your next move. Have you noticed a change in how you interact with others? Neptune, your communication ruler, has been moving in reverse since June of this year, encouraging you to take a black-and-white approach in our interactions with others. Consider how this revelation has changed how you correspond with friends, loved ones, strangers, and colleagues, and use it to help reach your next evolution of self. Neptune stations direct in emotional Pisces on Saturday, allowing you to soften your edges. Treat yourself to a low-key day of relaxation on Saturday, as routine-ruling Mercury forms a sextile with inner-growth ruling Jupiter. Spend time journaling and reflecting on everything you have to be thankful for, a topic that should be top of mind anyway, post-holiday.
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January 20 to February 18

It’s time to pipe up, Aquarius. Ask for what you want on Friday, when communication-ruling Mercury creates a sextile with career-governing Pluto. Now is the time to support your ambitious nature and use your talents to convince others to help you reach your goals. This transit also helps to sharpen your mind, making you an excellent problem solver to rely on. There could be a clash of opinions in your home on Friday, as domestic-ruling Venus opposes ruling Uranus. (At least you’ll make it through Thanksgiving relatively smoothly.) If you feel your voice isn’t being heard, take a moment to collect your thoughts and write your ideas down. Sometimes it’s best to wait for this transit to pass if you’re feeling particularly heated. Bring these ideas up later when there’s a better chance for receptivity among the group. If you live alone, you may feel ancy and ready to make a change — be patient with yourself and hold off on any irreversible decisions. Has your attitude towards money shifted significantly since June of this year? Neptune, your planet of finance and material possessions, has been moving in reverse, allowing you to see things as they indeed are. Use this healthy dose of reality to help guide your decisions as he stations direct Pisces on Saturday. Neptune will complete his retroshade period on March 19, allowing you to enjoy a more fluid perspective. 
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February 19 to March 20

Embrace your inner romantic, Pisces. You’re feeling flirty and free on Monday, when affectionate Mercury forms a trine with ruling Neptune in retrograde. If you’re single, use this transit to build up your confidence and go after your desires. In a relationship? Surprise your partner with an unexpected date, or find something special that the two of you can enjoy early on in the week. Are you ready to strengthen your intuitive nature? Ruling Neptune stations direct in Pisces on Saturday, helping you to reconnect with your inner self. Reflect on the essential lessons that Neptune’s retrograde has brought you since last June, as they will help to shape your newfound perspective. You’ll be feeling at the top of your game once again when Neptune concludes his retroshade period on March 19. Stay sharp on Saturday, as you could be struck with an exciting idea when passionate Mercury forms a sextile with career-minded Jupiter. Brainstorm new goals and dreams for yourself during this lucky transit. 
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