HBO Max Has A Ton Of Horror Movies This Spooky Season

HBO Max might be the newest kid on the proverbial streaming block but it's coming out swinging this Halloween. Not only does the service have a solid selection of spooky movies that you can watch right now but they'll also be adding some new horror fare to enjoy including the controversial girl power-heavy PG-13 reboot of classic slasher Black Christmas and the timely domestic violence terror of Leigh Whannell's smash-hit The Invisible Man reimagining.

The streamer's biggest unique selling point this Fall is its sprawling classic horror collection. HBO Max has a veritable smorgasbord of vintage spine-tinglers. There are iconic movies here from directors like Ridley Scott, George Romero, Steven Spielberg, and James Wan with zombies to killer sharks, vampires to werewolves, and even a xenomorph or two to keep you entertained as the nights roll in.


If you're looking to impress the film lover in your life then this is the list for you. So grab your favorite cinephile and their favorite snack, curl up on the sofa with a glass of wine, and dive into HBO Max's impressive lineup of high-brow horror and entertaining eeriness this Halloween. 

This piece will be updated as new movies are added up to October 31.


Ridley Scott's iconic sci-fi is a stone cold classic. Sigourney Weaver stars as Ripley, a warrant officer on the spaceship Nostromo. Faced with an evil alien and crew members who don't understand the importance of quarantine, she's a hero for the ages in this stunning sci-fi that still scares to this day.

The most spine-chilling moment: When the Xenomorph reveals itself.

Doctor Sleep 

This Stephen King adaptation might have gone under the radar at release but Mike Flanagan's Shining sequel is well worth a watch. Catching up with Danny Torrance decades after the events at the Overlook he has to face his own demons to help a young girl who could save the world.

The most spine-chilling moment: ROSE. THE. HAT.


Black and white movies might not be for everyone but this is a legitimately scary thriller that has influenced a ton of your favorite movies. At an exclusive private school a wife and mistress team up to kill the man who has betrayed them both, but when his body disappears they're thrown into a nightmarish spiral of paranoia and horror. 

The most spine-chilling moment: Something's missing from the swimming pool.

Funny Games

One of the rare remakes that comes close to the original, Michael Haneke reimagines his own super-violent satire for North American audiences to great effect here. A family's idyllic vacation is disrupted by the arrival of two charming, wealthy young men who want nothing more than to terrorize them for their own pleasure. 

The most spine-chilling moment: The bullet to the head.

Night of the Living Dead 

George Romero's groundbreaking zombie movie never actually uses the Z word, instead calling the undead "ghouls." If you've never seen this seminal horror with a killer lead turn from Duane Jones, it's the perfect time. A group of survivors hole up to try and survive the night, but of course humans are just as dangerous as the monsters outside. 

The most spine-chilling moment: That iconically bleak final scene.


A dashing and turtleneck-wearing Roy Scheider takes on a role as Sheriff in a small New England town only to face down a killer shark and dangerously incomptent local bureaucracy. It's the movie that made a generation afraid to swim in the ocean and it's still just as scary today. 

The most spine-chilling moment: John Williams' terrifying theme.



Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe took over Hollywood there was this R-rated vampire action-horror starring Wesley Snipes. The titular daywalker is half vampire, half human, and all badass. This is one of the most entertaining comic book movies ever made. 

The most spine-chilling moment: The vampire rave.

The Conjuring 2

Even if you haven't seen James Wan's first smash hit horror you can still enjoy this scary sequel. Very loosely based on the real life escapades of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, this film sends them to England in order to save a young family from a nefarious spirit. 

The most spine-chilling moment: Bill Wilkins and his comfy chair.


If you can't wait 'til Christmas, enjoy this freaky festive flick about cute creatures that turn evil after dark. When his dad gifts him a mysterious pet known only as a Mogwai, Billy is ecstatic. But things soon go wrong after the flufster spawns siblings who soon begin to cause chaos. 

The most spine-chilling moment: The Gremlins attack.


David Lynch's experimental body horror flick has been creeping audiences out for decades. If you're looking for something weird and wonderful then this story of a lonely young man, his dreary apartment, unexpected romance, and strange offspring is for you. 

The most spine-chilling moment: The thing inside the radiator.


He might be an Oscar-winning director now, but Guillermo del Toro has been making incredible movies for years. His take on vampire lore is one of his best as a young girl helps her watchmaker grandfather solve the mystery of a strange and dangerous mechanical scarab that seems to have granted him eternal youth. 

The most spine-chilling moment: Gris visits the men's room.

Ready or Not

Samara Weaving shines as a young newlywed who marries into a wealthy family only to find out her in-laws are hell, literally. The Le Domus family has built their riches on games, so playing one on their wedding night doesn't seem too strange until Grace pulls the wrong card and has to fight to survive the night. 

The most spine-chilling moment: Grace escapes the goat hole.

Lights Out 

A pair of siblings are haunted by a horrifying and malevolent entity that seems to want vengeance against their mother. David F. Sandberg's atmospheric and chilling directorial debut is beloved among genre fans for its truly scary exploration of childhood fears and the supernatural. 

The most spine-chilling moment: Diana shows herself for the first time. 



When a young couple adopts a sweet, artistic orphan they can't imagine the horror they've let into their house. This '00s horror is infamous for its final act reveal that was apparently based on a real life story which is almost scarier than this enjoyable and ridiculous romp. 

The most spine-chilling moment: That shocking twist.

An American Werewolf in London 

Another seminal horror classic is John Landis' truly terrifying werewolf flick about two young Americans traveling together on the Yorkshire Moors who get set upon by a dangerous and violent supernatural creature. 

The most spine-chilling moment: One of cinema's most gruesome transformations.


Ridley Scott has been splitting his fans down the middle with his expansion of the Alien franchise, but you'll have to watch this prequel yourself to find out what side you come down on. A crew is sent to investigate the potential for life on another planet only to find the beginnings of a mortifying new species. 
The most spine-chilling moment: You've got something in your eye.

Interview with the Vampire

Lestat is a monster driven mad by his eternal life and Louis is a guilty bloodsucker who wants to be absolved of his crimes by the young journalist he shares his story with. Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are perfect as the bickering immortal lovers in this adaptation of Anne Rice's vampire epic.

The most spine-chilling moment: Tom Cruise's entire performance.

Eyes Without a Face 

A doctor is driven mad by his quest to perfect his disfigured daughter's face in this beautiful and haunting black and white classic. Whether you're a cinephile, horror hound, or both, this masterful movie is a must watch this Fall. 

The most spine-chilling moment: Christiane's iconically spooky mask.


Surreal, stylish, and utterly delightful, this Japanese cult classic is one of the best movies on HBO Max right now. Trying to escape her father and his new lover, a young girl and her friends head off to her aunt's mysterious estate in this fearsome fairytale horror that has to be seen to be believed. 

The most spine-chilling moment: A severed head appears...

The Frighteners

Want something a little lighter this spooky season? Try Peter Jackson's hilarious and scary comedy-horror starring Michael J. Fox as a widower who can see ghosts. He uses his powers for bad, conning locals into paying him to exorcise his ghost-colleagues out of their houses, but that all changes when a series of murders occurs.  

The most spine-chilling moment: Those faces in the walls.

Annabelle Comes Home

She's probably the most famous doll since Raggedy Ann but she's far more murderous. Annabelle returns in this third entry to the Conjuring spinoff which takes the toy back to the Warren's home where she inspires many-a cursed object to come to life and hunt down the pair's daughter and her teenage babysitter. 

The most spine-chilling moment: That titular and terrifying toy.

The Brood

There's no one quite as effective at body horror as David Cronenberg. In one of his most unsettling movies a woman takes part in an experimental medical trial only to find herself undergoing strange and horrific changes. 

The most spine-chilling moment: Uncovering the side effects of psychoplasmics.

Wes Craven's New Nightmare 

Craven is a horror master and he's in top meta form here. Set in the real world with the original cast of the film facing down against the movie monster they once defeated, this is a scary slasher that subverts expectations and stands out as one of the subgenre's best. 

The most spine-chilling moment: Freddy enters the real world.

From Dusk till Dawn


Quentin Tarantino and George Clooney star in this vampire horror wrapped inside a crime movie. As two brothers on the run, the pair think they've found sanctuary in a roadside nightclub but it turns out that the dive bar holds bloodsucking secrets of its own. 

The most spine-chilling moment: Quentin Tarantino's creepy performance.

The Invisible Man 

Leigh Whannell delivers something both timely and blood-curdling as he reimagines The Invisible Man for the digital age. Elisabeth Moss gives the performance of a lifetime as a woman trying to escape the shadow of her evil billionaire ex after he kills himself when she leaves him. 

The most spine-chilling moment: The whole bloody movie. 

Black Christmas

A crew of sorority sisters battle for their lives over the festive period when crank calls begin to take on a dangerous life of their own. Though it might not be as instantly classic as Bob Clark's original, this is a fun, fresh, and feminist take on slasher movies that will keep you entertained. 

The most spine-chilling moment: Maniacal men doing their worst. 

Available October 31st

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