There Are So Many Scary Movies On Hulu Right Now

It's Halloween season, or if you're a fan of Hulu's original programming and push for inventive horror then maybe we should say Huluween season! The streamer has been releasing new horror movies alongside Blumhouse at a rate that would impress even the Lifetime Movie Network, and they're clearly committed to making new and exciting horror movies for their subscribers. It's not just their straight to streaming Into the Dark series or their Beyond Fest shorts you can enjoy, though. 

This spooky season Hulu also has a whole bunch of classic genre fare from zombie comedies like Evil Dead 2 to the twisted and trippy British torture of Hellraiser and the Oscar winning anxiety nightmare of Bong Joon-ho's Parasite


But if you're tired of the horror hits everyone talks about and want something that you've never seen before, they also have a slate of four new original movies including the highly anticipated Bad Hair from Dear White People creator Justin Simien. Although that new flick hits Hulu in October, luckily there's plenty of other weird and wonderful horror flicks to tease and terrorize until then. So get that remote ready and add all these marvelously scary movies to your watchlist. 

This list will be updated as new films hit Hulu through October 31.


When a group of WWII soldiers crash land in enemy territory, it seems like things can't get any worse. That is, until they stumble across some terrifying Nazi experiments in a local village. Watchmen's Jovan Adepo leads this underrated chiller that features some super scary effects and Wyatt Russell as the cocky American soldier he was born to play. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: The crew first uncover the secret in the castle.

Ghost Stories

Based on the British stage play of the same name, this anthology horror film is tied together by a lonely investigator who tries to solve three supernatural mysteries. There are deeper secrets to be uncovered, though, and you'll likely scream yourself silly before you discover the truth. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: When she puts her fingers in his mouth...

Child's Play

It doesn't come close to the maniacal mastery of the original, but there's still a lot of fun to be had with this ridiculous remake. Here Chucky is a nightmarish smart doll connected to a Siri-style system that gives him control over... well, everything. Aubrey Plaza is great as the neglectful single mom who gifts her son the terrible toy. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: That new Chucky doll first turns up... he's ugly!

Black Rock

A survival horror that feels like it could happen to any of us, Black Rock is even scarier because of just how mundane the setup is. Three friends head out on a camping trip to reconnect, but when they come across a group of men they knew in high school, that's when things suddenly take a fatal turn. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: The boys first turn on our heroines.


Clive Barker adapts his own novella in this brilliant British horror flick about a young woman facing down her evil stepmother and demonic entities who have escaped from a puzzle box. Practical effects, awesome '80s fashion, and a truly great turn from Doug Bradley as Pinhead should push this to the top of your Halloween watchlist. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: Uncle Frank materializes for the first time.

Goodnight Mommy

Creepy kids are one of horror's most recurring tropes, but Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala make them entirely their own in this atmospheric horror show about a pair of twins who become increasingly afraid of their mother after she returns from having a mysterious facial surgery. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: The truth about the twins is revealed.

The Clovehitch Killer

Dylan McDermott is pitch perfect as a suburban father whose son begins to suspect he's actually a notorious serial killer. Their home is just like any other small town except years ago it was terrorized by the titular killer. McDermott seems like the dream dad which makes this enigmatic thriller even scarier. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: The killer's notebook falls open.

Tragedy Girls

BFFs Sadie and McKayla run a true crime podcast which is lacking... you know, crimes. But that all changes when the aspiring sleuths realize they should become aspiring serial killers instead. Turning the slasher genre on its head, this is a super fun, smart, and scary horror movie.

You'll want to cover your eyes when: The pair head to their first ever prom.

Evil Dead 2

Sam Raimi's sequel to his breakout hit is beloved for a reason. Bruce Campbell is back as Ash Williams and for some reason he's headed back into the woods to wake the dead. With stunning practical effects, hilarious comedy, and really scary horror, this is a perfect popcorn watch.

You'll want to cover your eyes when: An eyeball begins to fly towards a screaming woman.

Children of the Corn

Sure, it's a little corny, but this 1984 Stephen King adaptation is a whole lot of fun. When a young couple get lost in a strange town called Gatlin they discover that all is not what it seems, and that a strange young child wields a power over the farm community which is oddly devoid of adults. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: A young couple drives through a corn field.

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter

A pair of professional vampire hunters head into a small village that's been plagued by strange deaths in an attempt to save the people who live there. Hammer Horror delivered some of the most outrageous and enjoyable '70s horror films, and Captain Kronos is a great example of what they do best. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: You see the hero's short shorts.

Let the Right One In

This Swedish vampire flick is one of the best tales of love, loneliness, fear, friendship, and immortality ever told. Oskar is a sweet and lonely boy who's bullied by his classmates and ignored by his mother. But when a mysterious child named Eli moves in next door, his life is changed forever. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: Oskar's bullies try to drown him.

Sea Fever

We all know that quarantine can save lives, and that's something scientist Siobhan discovers when she's part of a small crew that makes a huge discovery at sea. Creepy, atmospheric, and surprisingly timely, this tense horror-thriller will make your skin crawl. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: When Johnny gets his eyes examined.

The Cabin in the Woods

Pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth stars in this satirical horror which plays with genre expectations and has a whole bunch of fun with it. As a group of hot teens head into the woods it seems like we're in for another average slasher, but that is not the case as the crew is part of something far bigger and potentially world ending. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: The elevator doors open.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sure, the TV show might be better known, but this original '92 movie is just as good. The nostalgia-filled fantasy-horror about a cheerleader tasked with saving the world is even more fun now than it was when it was released.

You'll want to cover your eyes when: You realize this movie came out 28 years ago.


Kaya Scodelario apparently loves nothing more than physically punishing roles and this Alexandre Aja survival horror puts her through her paces as a young competition swimmer who gets stuck in her basement during a hurricane... with some seriously hungry gators. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: The gators hunt down the witnesses.


If you're looking for something a little more atmospheric and philosophical that will still haunt your dreams, check out Alex Garland's Annihilation. Natalie Portman stars as a woman on the hunt for the truth about her sick husband in a shimmering and strange area of the U.S. Dreamlike and daunting, this is far from your average horror movie. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: Tessa Thompson's Josie decides to become one with nature.

The Lodge

Being a stepmom isn't easy, and in The Lodge it might even be deadly when a couple kids head out into the wilderness with their dad's new wife. This controversial horror flick is a nightmarish tale of cults, mental health struggles, and family that will leave you guessing until the very end. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: Probably the whole movie tbh.

A Quiet Place

John Krasinski made his directorial debut with this intimate and suspenseful horror about a world where monsters hunt down their victims via sound. Starring Emily Blunt and deaf actress Millicent Simmons, this is a uniquely affecting horror film about family and survival. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: Anyone makes a noise. 

Pet Sematary

Mary Lambert's classic horror is hard to top, but this recent remake does a fair job of twisting our expectations and scaring the hell out of us. Both films center around a family that moves to a new home only to find it's built on a burial ground that has a dark and dangerous secret. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: Ellie returns.

Little Monsters

Lupita Nyong'o is everything in this charming zom-com that centers on a useless slacker who ends up escorting Nyong'o and her class on a trip to a farm. Sadly, the farm is next to an army facility where the undead have just broken out. Worth checking out for Nyong'o's action star turn and Josh Gad's foul-mouthed performance. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: Lupita leads her class through a zombie maze.

Mom & Dad

Nic Cage and Selma Blair star in this hilarious horror-comedy about a virus that turns parents on their kids. If you don't like gore then you might want to stay away from this one as parents everywhere decide they want nothing more than to kill their offspring in gruesome ways. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: Nic Cage grabs that pickaxe.


It didn't win six Oscars for nothing. Though it could be argued that Parasite's not technically a horror movie, it is truly horrifying. Without spoiling too many of its secrets, this film centers on the Kim family and their attempts to insinuate themselves in the lives of the wealthy Park clan. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: The Park's old housekeeper heads into the basement.


Bill Skarsgård and Maika Monroe are wonderful as a pair of low level criminals who break into the wrong home after they rob a gas station. It's a setup we've seen before, but the tone, flavor, humor, and fear that Dan Berk and Robert Olsen imbue in every scene makes Villains special. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: The owners of the house get home. 

Blade II

Guillermo Del Toro turned his fantastical hand to vampires in this early Marvel movie sequel. As a strange and brutal virus sweeps through the vampire world Blade has to make an unexpected alliance to save the world.

You'll want to cover your eyes when: Blade finds Whistler.

Blade: Trinity

It's hard to get a threequel right and Blade: Trinity isn't as scary as its forebears but is still a lot of fun. Teaming up with Ryan Reynolds as a sassy vampire hunter Blade has to go up against the most famous bloodsucker of all... Dracula.

You'll want to cover your eyes when: Ryan Reynolds makes all those puns.

Deep Blue Sea

Sure it might not be supernatural but this shark-filled disaster flick is definitely scary. Scientists attempt to cure dementia by experimenting on sharks but the side-effect is that the killer creatures become super smart and begin to hunt down their creators.

You'll want to cover your eyes when: Sam Jackson starts his inspiring speech.

The Eye

A once blind concert violinist's strange visions herald a dark fate in this American remake of the classic Hong Kong movie of the same name. It's all very PG-13 but if you want something spooky that won't give you nightmares pop it on your to watch list.

You'll want to cover your eyes when: Sydney (Jessica Alba) starts to have visions.



Eli Roth exploded onto the horror scene with this grotesque and gruesome flick that started the delightfully titled torture porn trend. Two annoying Americans head off to Europe for the vacation of a lifetime only to find themselves trapped in a nightmarish retreat where the rich pay to kill. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when: Basically as soon as they get to Bratislava get ready to squirm. 

Hostel: Part II

Arguably better than the first, this sequel is far more outrageous and glamorously grisly. Bijou Phillips and Heather Matarazzo are heroines you can root for but that won't help them. Delving into the murderous minds behind the hostel of death this is a scary but far more enjoyable experience than the movie that spawned it.  

You'll want to cover your eyes when: Lady Bathory gets her dream come true.

House of 1000 Corpses

Rob Zombie's psychedelic homage to classic horror is on Hulu this Halloween and it's quite the ride. Rowdy young folks go on the hunt for a local legend only to discover a serial killer clan who want to inflict as much pain as possible.

You'll want to cover your eyes when: The group come face to face with Dr. Satan.

Lady in a Cage

It might not be a gorefest or ghost story like some of the other Halloween movies Hulu has added but Lady in a Cage is a true psychological horror show. When her house is robbed, a lonely woman is trapped in her personal elevator by the roving criminals in the black and white atmosphere piece.

You'll want to cover your eyes when: If you're claustrophobic probably as soon as she gets into that janky elevator.

Nurse 3D

Paz de la Huerta stars as the titular caregiver in this silly slasher with bite. A young nurse becomes entangled with a passionate, eccentric, and murderous colleague who kills creepy men for fun.

You'll want to cover your eyes when:



If you're a fan of creature features this Natasha Henstridge starring sci-fi is a great pick. Based on the work of H.R. Giger this is a trippy, erotic, and creepy sci-fi horror about a powerful and strange alien with plans on world domination.

You'll want to cover your eyes when: Eve (Natasha Henstridge) begins to transform.


A normal teacher hides a dark secret in this 2011 movie that crafts a scarily plausible horror story. Convinced he's a vampire, the young educator lures depressed women to become his next meal, but his plans are thwarted by an unexpected connection.

You'll want to cover your eyes when: Ryan reveals his unconventional lifestyle.

Scream 4 

This sequel is finally getting the love it deserves, and with a new Scream movie on the horizon it's the perfect time to catch up. Years after the original Woodsboro massacre, Sidney (Neve Campbell) returns home only to find a new killer on the loose.

You'll want to cover your eyes when: Ghostface turns up an starts slashing.

Books of Blood

Clive Barker is a master of horror and Hulu's new anthology movie takes three of his terrifying tales and brings them to life. Books of Blood adapts nightmares from the novella series of the same name and it is terrifying.

You'll want to cover your eyes when:
The final act goes down.

Friend Request

After cutting ties with a possessive friend a high schooler becomes haunted by her old-pal and her computer. Silly, spooky, and incredibly unrealistic, this is a good, ridiculous watch that still offers a couple of legit scares.

You'll want to cover your eyes when: Anyone looks at a computer screen. Muahaha.


Bad Hair

Justin Simien directs this period horror flick based off his own short of the same name. The year is 1989 and a young woman decides to get a weave in order to pursue her dream career. But things don't go to plan when she realizes that her new hair might have plans of its own. 

You'll want to cover your eyes when:
That hair really gets going.

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