Trader Joe's Shared A Cookbook Of Its Top 15 Favorite Recipes

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.

How many years in a row have we written "cook more" on our New Year's resolution list only to ditch the commitment a couple weeks into January? Honestly, it's hard to keep track, but at least, we know we're not alone. Recently, Trader Joe's shared several of it's favorite recipes, so shoppers have a little backup when it comes to planning all those meals we've long been swearing we're going to make.

Instead of its usual list of weekly deals and popular products, this month, the Fearless Flyer (a weekly publication that is also featured on company website), featured what it referred to as "a cookbook of sorts." Included are 15 Trader Joe's-approved recipes: dishes like Savory Butternut Squash Soup, Warm Cruciferous Cranberry Slaw, and Citrusy Baked Oatmeal.

The key ingredients in each recipe are unsurprisingly easy-to-use TJ's products like Cowboy Caviar, frozen turkey meatballs, and sunflower seen spread. While the recipes are clearly clever advertising, we have to admit it's a smart idea for customers who want to cook more, but aren't looking to make everything from scratch just yet. The best part is that you can still stock up to a few of the dishes while also picking up a few of those go-to frozen meals for the days you are actually too busy to cook — TJ's knows there's no shame in that.

The 15 dishes span plenty of different meal categories including breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, sides, and desserts. In 2017, we often found it hard to find time to make ourselves a nice dinner. But, who knows, in 2018 we might just feel inspired to impress our tastebuds more than once in a single day.

In 2017, Trader Joe's kicked off the year by publishing a Frequent Flyer issue that featured the greatest products of the 2016. This year, the grocery chain isn't looking back and neither are we.

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