What People Really Think About Moving For A Significant Other

Many people in long-distance relationships dream of the day when they'll be able to share a zip code with their significant other. But a new survey of 5,000 Americans found that more people are making moves for love than you might expect — and it doesn't always have a happy ending.


The survey, conducted by, a popular real estate website, found that 18% of participants reported having moved for a significant other, and of those that moved, a third of them had relocated for love more than once. For almost half of the couples, this was no easy feat — 44% moved 500 miles or more to be with their partner.

This includes people moving to be closer to a long-distance significant other and those heading to a new city for a partner's new job or other life change. Women were also slightly more likely to move for a partner than men.

The good news is that almost 70% of those who moved said their relocation was successful — but not everyone ended up so lucky. When asked if they would move again, 43% of respondents said no, with almost a quarter saying they broke up with their partners after they moved. For 11% of the respondents, the move actually opened up possibilities for a new partner, as either they or their partner fell in love with someone else in their new city. However, those odds might not be too bad considering some of the other breakup and divorce statistics out there.

Moving also failed to save a rocky relationship, according to 18% of the unhappy respondents. So it's important to consider the real reasons behind a move before you uproot your life. If your relationship is already struggling, it might be best to let it go, or find another way to work on it, rather than hastily choosing to relocate.

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