This Tattoo Trend Is The Feminist Battle Cry We Need Right Now

Girl power: It's always represented being strong and showing it and might make you think of your elementary school playground battle cry or your favorite Spice Girls song, but in 2017 it's amassed a whole new layer of meaning. Abbreviated as grl pwr, it's been reimagined into a sign of modern feminism and, better still, the latest way to show off the phrase is totally permanent. Enter: GRL PWR tats.

“I get a lot of women who come to get a tattoo and they don't want flowers or any girly shit, they want a permanent symbol of their girl power," Lalo Yunda, a tattoo artist based in Brooklyn tells Refinery29. "For the time in history where we are now, a lot of women feel like they are strong and successful, and they want to celebrate that."

What's more, the trend is attracting tattoo newbies. “I had seen the GRL PWR graphic on T-shirts and posters and found myself constantly doodling it on my notebooks and hands,” one woman with the tat told us. “I used to think: 'What could be so important that you had to have it written on your body forever?' Then [Donald Trump] was elected to the highest office in the country — then I knew I had to get the symbol somewhere on my body.”

Whether fueled by politics or lingering (dated) social expectations of women — the trend is big, and only growing bigger, as people are sharing their body art on social media and inspiring women all around the world to join a forever-bonded, cool-girl gang. A few our our favorites, ahead.

Paired with a black top and black nails, this tattoo is a subtle way to put your middle finger up to anyone who doesn't get it.
Grab your best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, sister — someone to get an inner-arm tattoo with you, because it'll look so cool when you're holding hands.
Spanish literature aside, this GRL PWR tattoo, shows how you can frame your girl power ink.
"I want to spread the idea of feminism," Mariia Bitosova, a 27-year-old Russian PhD student, says. "I want to encourage others to learn about the feminist agenda. If one person sees my tattoo and Googles what GRL PWR means, they will learn about the important fight that all women are still fighting in the 21st century."
Sometimes silence says more than words can.
The inner wrist is a popular spot to put a tiny tattoo, and this one is no exception.
If you have a badass, female-loving friend, bring her with you to get these matching lip tats.
Fusing feminism and artistry, this photo shows how elegant girl power can be.
Muscle tattoo and muscle T, this shot is powerful.
A tiny, upper thigh tattoo is kind of sexy, no? You can choose who sees it, but you'll always know it's there.
"Since getting my tattoo, the reaction has been so encouraging from everyone who has seen it," college student Katie Seabridge tells R29. "When I first posted a picture on social media, it received quite a big reaction from my friends and family."
We're loving this modern take on Rosie the Riveter. Why yes, we can do it.
What goes best with bold brows? A bold message.
The inner arm proves to be a very popular place to get the ink.
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