5 Of The Worst Assumptions People Make About The Cancer Zodiac Sign

Today marks the first day of the summer season and the Cancer season. Cancer is the first water sign that the sun visits in the Zodiac year, which started back in March when the sun moved through Aries. Most people born under the sign of the Crab clearly and proudly show off their aquatic tendencies, from emotional intelligence to flexibility. But Cancers also have to deal with quite a few negative stereotypes associated with water signs.

Much like Pisces, a fellow water sign, Cancers are often associated with clinginess and hypersensitivity. Sadly, many assume that Cancers are so wrapped in their emotions that they're hard to get to know. Of course, these are broad misconceptions — it's obviously unrealistic to believe that every single Cancer spends 100% of their time in their feelings.


In honor of Cancer season, we're taking five of the worst assumptions about Cancers to task.

They are crybabies.

True, Cancers are an emotional water sign — but that doesn’t translate to tears when it comes to the Crab. “Ruled by the Moon, Cancers have a tendency to be extra emotional,” explains astrologer Lisa Stardust. “They actually don’t cry as much as we think — they are more sensitive and protective than anything. They definitely do not let people get the best of them.” While a Cancer might open up to close friends, they’re not about to break down in front of someone they don’t feel comfortable with.

They're basically hermits.

Make no mistake: Cancers are the ultimate homebodies. But that doesn't mean they're total recluses or glued to the couch. Their sign has long been linked to family matters and domestic life, and that shows in the pride they take in their household — in fact, they'd love to have you over sometime. They aren't exactly social butterflies (or masterful hosts at that), but Cancers love welcoming people into their homes. Of course, they'll probably make you work for that invitation.

They play you hot and cold.

After sharing even the smallest shred of their feelings, Crabs can tend to clam up (so to speak), and they might even shut out whoever is on the receiving end of their emotions. Cancers have a hard time opening up, to the point that they'll probably second-guess their decision to do so mid-sentence. If you aren't aware of Cancers' fear of oversharing, take our word for it: They aren't trying to be emotionally manipulative. They just have a hard time breaking out of those tough shells of theirs.

It's impossible to keep up with their moods.

On a related note, Cancers can have more feelings in 10 minutes than other signs may have all day. Sometimes they'll clue you into what's causing their inner tumult, but most of the time they'll keep it under wraps. Don't let this emotional whiplash deter you from getting them to open up. Think about it this way: If this aquatic sign was an actual body of water, it'd be a river. Cancers' feelings are always flowing and changing within them — sensitive sign that they are, they tend to process information on a purely emotional level first and foremost. Their moods usually spring up when they receive news or have to deal with change, so just give them a little time and they'll cool down.

They're major clingers.

They want to go everywhere with you. They ask for your opinion on everything. They've decided that you're their go-to plus-one for any and all events. This is how Cancers show that they care. As is the case with most water signs, once a Cancer lets you in, you're in for good.

Thanks to their ruler, the emotional moon, Crabs have deeply nurturing, even maternal, instincts. This makes them excellent caregivers (they're suckers for kids), but if you aren't used to that kind of treatment, all that attention can be stifling. Luckily, most Cancers are just as open to listening as they are to sharing. Let them know you're feeling overwhelmed, and that the two of you should hang out with other people, too.

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