The New Pirates Of The Caribbean Trailer Just Showed Us A Badass New Villain

In-between bathroom breaks and Lady Gaga, you might have missed some major news. Disney dropped the new trailer for Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, which gives fans a first look at the latest installment's big baddie. Yes, Johnny Depp is reprising his role (How could he not?), but he's facing off against a huge name with even bigger supernatural powers. Erstwhile Captain Jack Sparrow will be facing Captain Salazar, played by a very creepy looking Javier Bardem. Like past Pirates villains, there's a lot of CGI happening. Only thing time, it's less tentacles and more undead and spooky. Naturally, there are plenty of sweeping scenes showing cannons being fired during epic sea battles, a damsel in distress, and lots and lots of pirates. Oh, and if you're waiting for Depp, he doesn't show up until the very end.


The preview is set to Johnny Cash, which seems to be a trend this year. It's also a decidedly darker take on everyone's beloved seafaring rapscallions — there's not a single "Yo Ho" to be heard and nary a rum-soaked joke. A slew of old favorites is returning for the film. Geoffrey Rush is back playing Captain Barbosa, Orlando Bloom returns as Will Turner, and Kevin McNally as Joshamee Gibbs. Oh, and Paul McCartney is set to have "an unspecified" role, so if you're a fan of sword fights and classic rockers (Remember Keith Richards' cameo in At Worlds End?), head to the theaters come Memorial Day.

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