Hear Us Out: Why You Should Consider Getting A Perm

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We won't spoil the story, but the writer (Sable, seen above) gets gorgeous mermaid-like waves courtesy of a salon technique called American Waves that allows her hair to pull a perfect Gisele on command. Gone are the crazy curlers and children who'll be scarred for life, and in their places are smart gals using more gentle chemicals to get hair to behave. As benefactors of such advances in the science of beauty, many of us can probably relate to her argument of trading an hour or so in the stylist's chair for months of wash-and-go hair happiness.

But, as the intrepid reporter states, even though the new processes are much safer and gentler, you're still altering the texture of your hair. This not only means that it shouldn't ever (repeat: EVER) be attempted at home, but if your hair is of the double-processed, damaged, and/or fried-and-dyed variety, this is most likely not for you. Talk to your salon people, and be honest with your stylist (and yourself, quite frankly) before you hop onto the Perm Wagon. Like soul singer Morris Day once said, "This dance ain't for everybody."

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