31 Outfit Ideas To Inspire Your Winter Dressing

If you, like us, used Black Friday deals as an excuse to let off some 2020 steam, you likely have a lot of packages coming your way. If you're like us, many of them are also filled with clothing, shoes, and accessories that you bought on a whim, not considering what you’ll wear them with. We get it — when there are over 154 million people shopping during the same weekend and items selling out fast, you can’t dilly-dally pre-purchase. But, with your buys arriving any day, it’s time to start thinking about the winter outfit ideas you’ll be recreating using your wardrobe’s newest additions.

That’s where Instagram comes in. Whether 2020 has left you in a cottagecore state of mind or a survivalist one, there's an outfit inspiration for every aesthetic. (If all you want to do is lay around in loungewear all day, there’s plenty of inspo for that, too.) There, you’ll also find styling hacks for making puffer coats look cool rather than frumpy and skirts made weather-appropriate thanks to patterned tights. All that, and the trio responsible for winter’s most fashionable ensembles: a quilted coat, a leather beret, and an eyelet collar.


Ahead, check out 31 winter outfit ideas to recreate this month. 

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Given the warmer temps this year, you might only need to pair your best fall dress with some cowboy boots. No coat necessary.
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Scarves deserve more recognition for being the ultimate winter outfit enhancer.
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Spotted: 2020's hottest handbag.
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Quilted jacket: check! Beret: check! Eyelet collar: check! This look has every trend we're loving for winter.
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If you didn't get enough statement neckline with that last one, here's another covetable collar moment.
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Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise — with lug-soled loafers and a sweater-wearing pup, that is.
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Who would've thought slime green pants would become the one item our wardrobes need most for winter?
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Looking for a winter coat? Here's one to base your search on.
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All baggy everything is our motto this winter.
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It's all about the colourful camping sandals (with socks) for us.
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A layered-up date night ensemble, even if you'll be spending the entire evening on Zoom.
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A winter moo'd. (Sorry, I had to.)
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A fuzzy cardigan paired with a fuzzy skirt? Did we just find winter's most hygge ensemble?
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Fact: winter calls for a North Face puffer.
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Sweatsuit or bust, am I right?
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It's official — horse girl fashion is the only winter trend that matters. Bring on the riding boots.
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What'd we say about clogs? These "ugly" shoes are having a serious moment.
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Is it just us or do tie-dye and trench coats go together perfectly?
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This winter, we're all about a statement tight.
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When in doubt, add UGGs.
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Every winter look needs a pop of colour.
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There's something oddly satisfying about pairing work boots with a skirt.
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*Adds camel coat to holiday wish list.*
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A good coat, a good pair of boots, and a good bag to match — now that's an unbeatable trio.
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The Princess Diana-esque looks aren't going anywhere just because we already finished watching The Crown Season 4— twice.
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The only thing better than a leather trench is a plaid midi skirt.
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It's a layering game.
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For when wearing colours just isn't in line with your winter mood.
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More sweats and sweater vests in 2020!
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Leather on plaid, plaid on leather.
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This look is our winter guide to shackets.
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