Khloé Kardashian Just Debuted “Cloud Blonde” Hair For Autumn

Photo: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images.

While some celebrities are using the quickly-approaching autumn season as an excuse to revamp their look in subtle ways — like Priyanka Chopra going chocolate brown and Kate Middleton adding honey highlights — others are opting for more dramatic makeovers. First, there was Demi Lovato dip-dyeing her hair neon green, and now Khloé Kardashian has debuted a new colour we're calling "cloud blonde."


Where, might you ask, did we get the name? When Kardashian debuted this new white-blonde look on Instagram (as is the Kardashian way), she simply captioned the pic with a single cloud emoji. Given the new shade of her hair, how could we call it anything else?

Following in her sister Kendall Jenner's footsteps, Kardashian also decided to accent her newly-lightened locks — which came courtesy of celebrity colourist Tracey Cunningham — with a dark root. As with any major hair change in the Kardashian-Jenner universe, we do have to mention that this could be a wig, however it's new and exciting for Kardashian all the same.

Kardashian's been all about the blonde in 2019, going from a platinum-blonde colour earlier this year to darker, dimensional blonde in April. Since then she's played with practically every length imaginable, including a Penelope Disick-inspired bob. However, for this look it appears that Kardashian's ready to make "cloud blonde" hair colour all her own. Ariana Grande must be thrilled.

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