Wes Anderson Brings His Pastel Palettes To New Exhibition

Image: 20th century fox/kobal/rex/shutterstock.

Filmmaker Wes Anderson is best known for his unmistakeable aesthetic style, with dreamy pastel colours, ornate architecture and retro fashion dominating his films.

It seems only natural, then, that a man with such impeccable taste and trademark visual style would be asked to curate an exhibition at some point. Arguably, it would be a crime if he didn't inject his creative vision into the museum world.

It's our lucky day because Anderson and his equally talented partner, the writer, costume designer and illustrator Juman Malouf, will curate a show at the Kunsthistorisches Museum later this year.

The exhibition, due to open from 11th September until 20th January 2019, will be the first ever curated by the acclaimed director and Malouf. It will feature items from the museum's vast collection of ancient objects, including musical instruments, armour, weapons, coins, medals and more, and will be accompanied by a fully-illustrated catalogue, the museum says.

Once the exhibition closes in Vienna in 2019, it will be transferred to Venice to be shown at the Fondazione Prada, in time for both the Biennale of Art and Venice Film Festival. If you miss the Vienna exhibition and feel like heading to Italy to catch it instead, why not take a detour via Bar Luce, the Milan bar designed by Anderson himself?

Located in the art and culture complex Fondazione Prada, Anderson took the opportunity with Bar Luce to recreate the atmosphere of Milanese cafes, but there's no escaping his signature style. Think colour-blocked Formica tables, patterned wallpaper and distinctly modish loo. It's the stuff Instagram dreams are made of.

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