10 Breakfast-Making Tips Every 20-Something Should Know

Breakfast is supposedly the most important meal of the day, and yet it's the one we tend to skip — with the little time we have to spare in the morning we often choose caffeine over food. In an effort to make breakfast more regularly, and not keep spending a bajillion dollars on artisanal muffins or an egg sandwich at our local coffee shop every day, we rounded up some tips that will help keep us on track.

Let's face it: We all struggle with weekday mornings, and that's probably never going to change. But, at least these breakfast hacks will keep us fed first thing — and with more than a fistful of dry cereal. We deserve better!

Illustrations by Mallory Heyer.
Cupcake Pans Are Your Best Friend
It sounds weird, but cupcake pans have ensured we eat our weekday breakfast on many an occasion. Not only can you make muffins in them, but they're also great for individually portioned egg cups, frittatas, breakfast bakes, and freezing ingredients for bulk smoothies.
Illustrations by Mallory Heyer.
Make A Smoothie With An Immersion Blender
Making a smoothie in the morning can seem like a daunting task — especially when you have to deal with blender cleanup. But, you can make an equally delicious blended drink with your immersion blender (if you don't have one, trust us, it's worth it). And the best part is you can blend the smoothie in the same cup you're planning to drink it in, which means you'll never accidentally make more than you need, and it minimizes cleanup later. Win, win.
Illustrations by Mallory Heyer.
Use Your Freezer
Freezers are WAY more useful for breakfast than you might think. You can prep meals in advance (make extra of your fave smoothie and pour into popsicle molds or individual jars for a pre-made meal to can eat on the run). You can also make and freeze breakfast burritos, mini frittatas, muffins, and more.
Illustrations by Mallory Heyer.
Set It Up The Night Before
We are pretty useless in the morning, which is why any and all thinking about the next day must happen the night before. If you're one of those people who benefits from picking out your outfit for the next day before you go to bed, you can apply the same method to breakfast. Get a coffee maker that runs on a timer (they're cheaper than you'd think), and set everything up before you go to sleep. Added bonus: You'll wake up to the smell of a freshly brewed cup of Joe. The same idea applies with a slow cooker. It's easy to set and forget a breakfast bake or oatmeal in this handy kitchen gadget and then all you have to do when you wake up is eat! Plus, you'll likely have leftovers for the rest of the week.
Illustrations by Mallory Heyer.
Make Bulk Breakfasts For The Week
This may sound obvious, but making breakfast once is WAY better than making breakfast five times. That's why bulk breakfasts and more specifically Mason jars are our breakfast buddies. You can make individually portioned oatmeals for the week on Sunday, prep smoothies in individual baggies (or make them and freeze them in separate jars for each day), make a big batch of granola bars, or even hardboiled eggs that you can eat with salt and hot sauce. (Don't knock it till you try it!)
Illustrations by Mallory Heyer.
You Can Make Almost Every Breakfast Food In The Microwave
There's something about turning on the stove in the morning, when you're just trying to get out the door, that seems oddly sacrilegious. However, you can basically make any and all breakfast foods in the microwave. Which means more minutes for you to run around getting dressed, feeding your cat, etc., while your trusty microwave does all the work for you. If your office has a microwave, you can also make use of this concept at work.
Illustrations by Mallory Heyer.
Keep Breakfast In Your Desk
If you can take a few minutes to eat while you're getting through those morning emails at the office, you can squeeze in breakfast. Keep a few packets of your favorite instant oatmeal, a box of cereal, or even granola (this is a great choice if your office doesn't have milk or hot water available) at your desk to ensure you don't forget to fuel your brain.
Illustrations by Mallory Heyer.
Make Breakfast You Can Eat On The Go
Have some extra time on the way to work that you usually spend listening to Serial, thinking about how many more days there are until the weekend, or people-watching on the train? Bring breakfast to go! You can get as simple as a piece of fruit, a Power Bar, or a piece of toast with almond butter. But, if you want something a little more exciting, you can make muffins to eat on your walk to the train, drink one of those bulk smoothies we talked about earlier, or tote your homemade granola or breakfast bars.
Illustrations by Mallory Heyer.
Mugs Aren’t Just For Coffee
We are super attached to our coffee mug and for some reason go through the trouble of washing and reusing it every day, but washing even one breakfast dish seems totally outrageous for reasons even we can't really explain. We've got news for you, fellow mug users — you can employ that very same mug to make eating breakfast in the morning a reality. We've even got some easy recipes for you to try.
Illustrations by Mallory Heyer.
Pack A Breakfast Like You Pack A Lunch
If you've gotten on board with packing a lunch, then slowly incorporate breakfast, too. You don't have to eat breakfast before you leave for work, and if you are already making lunch for the next day, try throwing together a quick fruit and yogurt parfait or an overnight oatmeal that you can eat when you get to work. You could even pack a breakfast sandwich or something super simple, like ingredients for avocado toast. What's one more container, if you're already bringing a lunch bag?
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