Dry January Just Got A Lot Easier With This Boozy Food Survival Guide

Dry January, like Veganuary, is one of the more talked about New Year's resolutions. Especially at start of the unofficial alcohol-free month, when those of us who may have over-indulged in boozy NYE escapades feel ready to hang up our highball glasses. But as soon as that first weekend rolls around, the booze-free bandwagon hits its fair share of bumps. So what's our genius 2018 plan for hanging on through the 31st? Booze-flavored foods.

Now you might be thinking, "But, booze-infused foods have booze..." So, isn't that cheating? Not necessarily! In the ten products rounded up ahead, you'll find all your favorite alcohol flavors minus the actual hard content of the stuff (as most all of it burns off during the infusing process). So instead of reaching for a bottle opener this Friday night, we'll crack open a package of Pilsner crackers. There's even a jar of whiskey sour pickles in there, for good munching measure. Scroll on to stock up on our Dry January survival guide.

These whole grain crackers are made with craft beer and butter — and for a double boozy dose, we'll be dunking them in some pub cheese.

Panorama Foods Beer Flats Pilsner Crackers, $8.50, available at Mouth.
Skip the tequila shot this Saturday night and go for a square of this tequila and lime-infused dark chocolate instead.

Compartés x Kelly Wearstler Tequila Lime Chocolate, $12.95, available at Compartés.
It's almost like enjoying a nice glass of your favorite Californian Merlot paired with a juicy steak — but all in one Dry January-friendly bite.

True Jerky The Sommelier (Blackberry Merlot), $6.99, available at True Jerky.
Ever heard of a peanut bourbon and jelly? Mic drop.

Reginald's Homemade Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter, $7, available at Reginald's Homemade.
This boozy marshmallow covers a wide spread of alcohol bases with beer, bourbon, gin and Fireball flavors.

Wondermade Boozy Marshmallow Set, $30 (set of 4), available at Wondermade.
Each of these sweet gummy bears is infused with a kick of Kentucky single-barrel bourbon.

Sugarfina Bourbon Bears, $8.50, available at Sugarfina.
Roni-Sue's bag of crunchy-salty pretzel nuggets are infused with locally-brewed beer and sweet caramel flavors.

Roni-Sue Beer & Caramel Pretzel Nuggets, $12, available at Roni-Sue.
Butter & Scotch's caramel corns come in a variety of unique boozy flavors — try the margarita-esque "Hot Mess" or the hot toddy-like "Queen Bee" bags.

Butter & Scotch Caramel Corn, $24 (set of 3), available at Butter & Scotch.
When you can't have a whiskey sour, have a pickle! Brooklyn Brine Co.'s jar is infused with a splash of Rye from the Finger Lakes Distillery.

Brooklyn Brine Co. Whiskey Sour Pickles, $8.34, available at Brooklyn Brine Co.
Big Picture Farm's infuses these creamy goat milk caramels with Mad River Distillers' Bourbon — and we'll gladly replace our nightcaps with them.

Big Picture Farm Brown Butter Bourbon Caramels, $12, available at Big Picture Farm.
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