6 Signs You Should Give Your Horoscope A Second Chance

Routines come and go. One week, you're meal-planning and prepping like a pro, the next you're enjoying five straight days of carry-out. You might live your whole life as a black coffee devotee only to give tea a try one morning. For any astrological enthusiast, poring over your horoscope can be just as much a part of your routine as which route you take to work.

And that means you can lapse in your stargazing habit just as easily as you start it. If you were once a loyal follower of your star forecast but have since abandoned it, it might be a good time to back into the cosmic groove.

Ahead, we've rounded up some of the most compelling reasons to get back in the horoscope game. Read on to discover if the time is right for you to resubscribe to your 'scope of choice.

You've been noticing...things.

You might not believe in fate, but strange things have been happening to you lately — an odd burst of creativity here, a stagnant period in love there. If you've been scratching your head over subtle events that only you would notice, your horoscope may provide some clarity, or at the very least some peace of mind. We would never condone blaming all of your problems on the planets, but knowing that Mercury was in retrograde those few weeks you had to replace your phone twice can be oddly comforting.
The new moon is coming up.

This lunar phase, in which the moon loses all illumination, signals the end of the previous lunar cycle and the start of a new one. In spiritual circles, the new moon is believed to be a sort of reset button for our personal lives. If the moon is filling you with a sense of potential but you aren't sure how to direct that sense of purpose, check your horoscope. It can help you understand what this regular lunar event means for you. And, what do you know, we're coming off a new moon right now.
Your solar season is about to begin.

Much like the new moon, the start of your sign's solar season (when the sun moves to be aligned with a new sign on the wheel of the Zodiac) is a natural opportunity to revisit your 'scope. Since the sun, a very significant celestial body, will be hanging out in your sign for the next 30 or so days, your horoscope will probably foretell of greater festivities in your future or simply an emphasis on your needs and desires. If you originally checked out of your 'scope because it didn't feel personal enough or it flat-out bored you, get back into it around your birthday and enjoying basking in the rays of the sun.
You've just learned about your rising and moon signs.

It's probably unlikely that someone who has shunned their regular horoscope would go out and get a birth chart reading, but, as any stargazer knows, stranger things have happened. Discovering that your astrological identity goes beyond your sun sign can be downright enlightening — and you may find that you actually relate more to your rising or moon sign. If that's case, you should feel free to read your horoscope for one of these other signs, even though they may have been written with sun signs in mind.
You're about to turn 27, 28, or 29.

Whether you've been counting down to your Saturn return or this is the first you're hearing of it, this astrological phenomenon is a natural part of entering your late 20s. After years away, Saturn returns to the position it was in at the moment of your birth to deliver a major call to task. Hitting your Saturn return means you're about to do some growing up — or you may be approaching a career or relationship fast track. Your nose will be to the grindstone for the next couple of years, but it'll serve you to look up and check your horoscope for what else Saturn's up to.
You're done taking the stars seriously.

We're firm advocates of reading your 'scope with a grain of salt. In other words, if you were holding your star forecast to a scientific standard of truth before, it's no wonder you ended up feeling dissatisfied with what it told you. Investing personal meaning in astrology can be extremely spiritually fulfilling, but no horoscope should be read as a manual. Taking a breather can help. Then, only return to your regular horoscope routine when you want suggestions — not instructions — from the stars.
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