You Can Support Black Women With These Beauty Box Subscriptions

As you likely already know, one of the major goals of International Women's Day is to support other women (something that should be done every day, of course). So why not use the opportunity to support Black women business owners? In fact, it's never been easier, no matter how you're observing the day.

Luckily, shopping the subscription boxes you'll find ahead — all of which were started and are currently owned by Black women — isn't breaking any rules. Quite the opposite: Leaders behind The Women's March have asked fellow advocates of gender equality to avoid shopping for one day, excluding small, women, and minority-owned businesses. Now, it goes without saying that it's always nice to try new products without committing to the full-size — and even better when you're using your economic power to make a choice that empowers women.

Are you getting all the feels yet? Us too, so scroll on to see our favorite beauty boxes made for Black women, by Black women — and get ready to flex your power!

Photo: Via @weareonyx.

You know people say "one day you'll look back on this and laugh" after something incredibly frustrating happens? That's what Onyxbox CEO Delali Kpodzo can do now. Inspiration from her box was born after a hairstylist unceremoniously rescheduled her appointment while she was on the way to the salon. No biggie, right? Wrong, because Kpodzo quite literally couldn't do her textured hair herself.

Why We Love It: Kpodzo's goal was simple: provide a generation of Black women with both the products and motivation to be more self-sufficient.

What To Expect Every Month: While the box was inspired by a hair epiphany, there are also plenty of brag-worthy beauty picks, too — like this royal purple liquid lippie from Cailyn Cosmetics in this month's box. Every month you'll get five or more products in miniature sizes, all picked for Black women, by Black women.

The Cost: $25/month, available at Onyxbox.
Photo: Via @cocotique.

The Roc is in the building! (Sorry, it was right there). Dana Hill, the former VP of marketing for Rocawear (and Phat Farm, and Fetish by Eve), founded Cocotique because of her own love to all things glam. “I love trying new beauty products and found myself always searching for those holy grail products you can’t live without," she says. "This led to a huge amount of products sitting around unused because they didn’t quite work for my skin or hair. My goal is to help simplify the search and discovery process.”

Why We Love It: As if a curated bundle of beauty at your doorstep wasn't convenient enough, Cocotique also has a blog that features handy tutorials and stories behind some of the brands seen inside of their boxes.

What To Expect Every Month: Five to eight beauty, skin care, hair, nail, and fragrance samples from your faves (like CoverFX and BlackUp), as well as lesser-known brands.

The Cost: $20/month, available at Cocotique.
Photo: Via @curlbox.

If you search Instagram for the hashtag #curlbox, you'll probably end up spending hours gazing at the assortment of Afros, braids, dreads, and more on your screen. It turns out that the hashtag that launched over 650,000 selfies is linked to this service for the curl world, which was founded in 2011 by Myleik Teele.

Why We Love It: As if the boxes weren't great enough, their Instagram is an endless source of inspiration.

What To Expect Every Month: Seeking a potential product match for your curls? This kit gives you five to seven miniature samples to fight for a place in your bathroom.

The Cost: $20/month, available at Curlbox.
Photo: Via @therenataexp.

It's not just about beauty. Sassboxx throws in, well, sassy accessories and gadgets for your everyday use. Even though the holiday season is months away, we already have this "Today Has Been Cancelled" eyemask at the top of our lists. #nevertooearly. All picks are chosen by curator Sapphira Martin, a Queens, New York, queen who named herself the "Head Sassy in Charge."

Why We Love It: Even though Sassboxx is just over a year old, their past roundups have included so many "where did you get that?"-worthy items that'll start conversations for years to come.

What To Expect Every Month: An assortment of beauty and lifestyle goods curated by Black women.

The Cost: $25/one time purchase, available at Sassboxx.
Photo: Via @curlkit.

Founder Heather Cummings is an OG (and girlboss) of this subscription box thing. She launched the service in 2012, and experienced a 5,000% increase in sales for its second anniversary.

Why We Love It: On CurlKit's Instagram, they often prompt their 54,300 followers to engage in #curltalk, where they can drop product recommendations, natural hair disasters, and more. Reading the comments can be the ultimate educational experience.

What To Expect Every Month: Five to seven natural hair mini goods, that are available in full sizes at

The Cost: $25/month, available at CurlKit.
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