10 Stoner-Friendly Gifts For A Very Chill Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day gifts, should you choose to exchange them with your friends or partner, can be stressful. Do you spring for a pricey dinner, or do you play it cool with a low-key box of candy? Where can you find a card that speaks to your friends' actual interests?

Luckily, if your circle of loved ones includes a stoner or two, there are plenty of cannabis-themed gifts that will put a smile on their faces this V-Day. Whether your friend is looking for a grinder that's actually chic, or your partner wants to try a new kind of edible, there are lots of Valentine's Day-themed gifts for the cannabists in your life.

Ahead, we've rounded up a few of them, because sometimes love is actually pretty chill.

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For Broad City fans only.
wordforwordfactory BROAD CITY Weed Genius Button, $4.00 Buy
This vintage-inspired drawing is a classy tribute to a beloved plant.
Gold Leaf Cannabis Botanical Illustration Print, $25.99 Buy
This vape, also available in chrome and charcoal finishes, fits V-Day's pink-and-red color scheme perfectly.
Dipstick Vapes DIPPER VAPORIZER, $149.99 Buy
For when gold jewelry is too much of a splurge.
Shine Papers 24K Gold Rolling Papers by Shine Papers - Regular Size - 12 Sheet Pack, $55.00 Buy
Just the size of a credit card, this chic grinder card is great for the go-anywhere smoker.
Van der Pop Grinder Card, Lips, $10.00 Buy
As if the pun wasn't enough to make this card gift-worthy, you can attach your own pre-roll to the front for an added V-Day treat.
KushKards Keeping Me Lit, $5.99 Buy
These sativa candies are just the dessert to end your candlelit dinner on a mellow note.
Beboe Sativa Pastilles, $25.00 Buy
Have you ever seen something as stylish as an iridescent, USB-chargeable lighter? Your lucky recipient hasn't, either.
Tetra Slide Lighter, $20.00 Buy
This compact pipe is hand-carved and features a magnetized lid for fewer ash spills, making it uniquely practical and pretty.
Cedar & Finch The Lid'l Pipe, $79.00 Buy
Your partner's aching muscles will thank you for this soothing blend of clary sage, lavender, and sativa.
Basic Jane Relax Oil, $24.99 $18.75, Buy
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