Make Sure You Hide These Adult Stocking Stuffers From Santa

Stocking stuffers and secret Santa gifts can often be a place to get weird, unneeded junk that just gathers dust after the gift exchange. But rather than relying on cheap, cutesy things that can be easily forgotten, why not gift something that will not only be impressive when opened, but give the recipient a reason to think about you later when they enjoy it.

Yes, we are talking about alcohol. If your list for small gifts and stocking stuffers include those in the 21+ set who partake in a drink or two on evenings and weekends, there's a plethora of ways to acknowledge their imbibing passion without shelling out major cash. Bonus: you can give someone a high-quality spirit at a price you can afford. Or just gift them a bottle of something so adorable they'll have a hard time actually bringing themselves to drink it.

Ahead, 13 reasons to go small for Christmas. For those on the nice list, and the naughty one.

You can split up this adorable pack of mini rosé bottles for your four best friends (or keep them for yourself).

Martini & Rossi Rosé, $15.96, available at Crown Wine & Spirits.
Our new favorite way to deck the halls.

Pickering's Gin Christmas Baubles, $33.61, available at Masters of Malt.
It's easy sailing with these pre-made cocktails.

Half-Seas Cocktail 4-packs, $24.99, available at Half-Seas Spirits.
Underwood's canned Reisling comes in an eye-popping design that's (almost) too good to drink.

Union Wine Co. Underwood Riesling Radler 4-pack, $24, available at Union Wine Co.
Champagne not in the budget this year? Give your friends the Champagne of beers instead.

Miller High Life 7-ounce 6-pack, $3.79, available at Total Wine.
For the friend whose favorite Christmas movie is still The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Crystal Head Vodka Miniature, $8.58, available at The Whiskey Exchange.
Pop this grown-up take on a Capri Sun in the freezer for a little bit and get a DIY frosé that you can sip through winter storms.

Electric Rosé Wine Pouches, available at select retailers.
Add a mini bottle of tonic and a lime and you've created your very own G&T emergency kit.

Hedrick's Gin 50 Ml, $6.49, available at BevMo!
Be ready for a post-Christmas digestif.

Luxardo Limoncello Liqueur Miniature, $3.97, available at The Whiskey Exchange.
Support your friend's budding mixology career.

Hella Bitter Mini Bitters Variety Pack, $35, available at Food52.
Another quirky digestif, you drink these bitters straight.

Underberg Individual Bottle, $1.75, available at Smallflower Modern Apothecary.
If absinthe still intimidates you, start small.

Doc Herson's Green Absinthe Mini, $14, available at Mouth.
Suggested instructions to include: "Pour over ice as needed when your family asks if you're still single."

Hochstadter's Slow & Low Rock & Rye Straight Rye Whiskey, $4.25, available at Blackwell's Wine & Spirits.
produced by Brianna Donnelly; edited by Sam Russell; produced by Sarah Lee.
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