Make Sure You Hide These Adult Stocking Stuffers From Santa

Stocking stuffers and secret Santa gifts can often be a place to get weird, unneeded junk that just gathers dust after the gift exchange. But rather than relying on cheap, cutesy things that can be easily forgotten, why not gift something that will not only be impressive when opened, but give the recipient a reason to think about you later when they enjoy it.
Yes, we are talking about alcohol. If your list for small gifts and stocking stuffers include those in the 21+ set who partake in a drink or two on evenings and weekends, there's a plethora of ways to acknowledge their imbibing passion without shelling out major cash. Bonus: you can give someone a high-quality spirit at a price you can afford. Or just gift them a bottle of something so adorable they'll have a hard time actually bringing themselves to drink it.
Ahead, 13 reasons to go small for Christmas. For those on the nice list, and the naughty one.

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