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It's the most #NoFilters time of the year! Sagittarius season begins this Tuesday as the sun marches into the outspoken Archer's realm until December 21. If 2017 proved anything, it's that we've all got opinions — and we all think that ours are the gospel truth. But in the name of not reliving Thanksgiving 2016, it might be best to keep those, uh, "code orange" topics off-limits. With the moon in conventional Capricorn early in the day, family bonding will be strong. But by the mid-afternoon, la luna floats on to Aquarius and our thankful vibes could translate into volunteer shifts and even some activism. Boycott or no boycott, this is the year to tell the whole story of Thanksgiving — from multiple perspectives!

Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
October 23 to November 21

It’s "show me the money" time, Scorpio! On Tuesday, the sun sails into Sagittarius and makes it rain in your second house of prosperity. Some of those inspired ideas you've had marinating for the past month might prove to be profitable gems. Run them through the reality filter and do a little beta testing. Hunting for a new opportunity? You’ll cruise confidently through the interview process between now and December 21. Or, have a chat with your boss: You may find places within your existing gig where your "intrapreneurial" nature can shine.

Looking to avoid family drama this Thanksgiving? Tuck away in a quiet corner and make a slideshow of family photos, set to a soundtrack of old faves. Still feeling angsty? Offer to be the errand runner: Forgotten items at the grocery store, trips down to the basement to retrieve serving trays...any excuse for quiet-time, you’re on it. As the moon decamps to your sentimental fourth house in the afternoon, you’re ready to reminisce with your relatives. Sit with your Nana or another favorite female to hear stories from the family archives.

Black Friday is another auspicious time for bonding with the ladies in your life. But no rushing to the mall! You'd rather spend a lazy day lounging and noshing on leftovers. Warning: There could be a few moody moments over the long weekend. If so, split off on your own to recharge. This, too, shall pass.
Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
November 22 to December 21

Ready for a total life refresh? It starts this Tuesday, Sagittarius, as the sun sashays into your sign and hands you the zodiac crown until December 21. Clear unpleasant tasks from your calendar and tell toxic people that nobody — including you — has time for their dramz. Now is the time to focus on what’s best for you, Sagittarius: What does living your best life look like — from career goals to canoodling company? Make no apologies for setting high expectations. Life is short and so why compromise what makes you happy, right? Invest in self-development, be it a winter semester course or a life-changing vacation.

With the moon in your sensual second house, Thanksgiving is the perfect day to slow down and savor the little things, from sweet convos to a gourmet side dish to a specialty cocktail that becomes a family classic. Mid-afternoon, your social butterfly side takes flight as the moon bursts into Aquarius and your communal third house. Playtime is on!

You're ready to talk turkey — and everything else — on Black Friday. Spend the day with people who appreciate your wit and can match it with their own banter. Warning: With Jupiter in a complicated situation with the moon, you could get sucked into playing therapist to a needy friend or relative. The thing is, they always want you to play that role, don’t they? You don't owe them that, so change the subject when they start whining or head out with legit fun people for your shopping extravaganza.
Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
December 22 to January 19

The muse has your ear for the next four weeks as the sun floats in Sagittarius and your dreamy 12th house. Set aside practicalities until December 21 and rock those rose-colored Ray Bans. Just don’t get so caught up in the dreamy vibes that you fall for some trickster’s side hustle or let people trample on your boundaries. You can say "No" and keep your ethereal vibe afloat. You’ll be sleepier than usual, so block out tons of time on your calendar for power naps and rejuvenating down time. As your birthday season draws near (starting December 21), declutter any baggage you don’t want to bring into your personal new year.

When you consider what you’re thankful for this Thursday, make a list of things you love about yourself! With the moon in Capricorn until early afternoon, cultivate an attitude of gratitude around the developments you’ve made and the accomplishments you’ve achieved over the past year. Your perfectionist side may argue that there’s further to go, but that’s not the point! Recognize how far you’ve come and thank yourself for your hard work. Then, when you’re sitting around the table, invite your family to share a personal win or something they’ve overcome in 2017 — and toast to a collective table of awesomeness.

Let everyone else bust down the doors while you shop online this Black Friday. You won't have the stomach for crowds anyway, with the moon and frenetic Jupiter at war. Take a bath, read a book, and enjoy the silence. If you're feeling social, invite friends over to nosh on leftovers or watch a movie. That's the perfect balance between comforting company and the crazed cacophony.
Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
January 20 to February 18

You’ve been hard at work, Aquarius, and you’re overdue for a recess. As the sun sails into social Sagittarius and powers up your 11th house of teamwork and tech, it’s time to get some playtime on the calendar. Plan group hangs and create shareable invites — the more is the merrier. You’ll have plenty of opps to play super-connector for your friends between now and December 21 — and you might discover synergy with a pal's plus-one. Geek is chic during this solar cycle. The next four weeks bring plenty of momentum to develop a digital venture, position yourself as an Instagram influencer, or sell some of your creative crafts online. (Or maybe surrender and upgrade to that iPhone X.)

With the moon in your compassionate 12th house early on Thursday, you’re feeling extra-sensitive at the thought of anyone being alone on Thanksgiving. (Oh, sweet Aquarius!) But press pause before you invite any extras to your feast. A difficult person could guilt their way into your celebrations and even bring their family drama to your table. Plus, with the moon clocking into Aquarius in the mid-afternoon, you will have little patience (read: zero) for entertaining needy people. If you must spend time together, invite them along with you to distribute meals or give out warm clothing. Maybe you’ll bond over the real meaning of the season — and shift their attention to all the things they have to be thankful for.

With the moon in your sign all Friday, you'd rather shop independently without anyone slowing you down. Give yourself the "me time" you deserve! With Jupiter in your career zone squaring the moon, it may be tempting to use your vacation day to do some work. But that’s a slippery slope, Aquarius, since you really need (and deserve) a break. After a long weekend of resting your mind and body, you’ll be uber-productive when you get back to the grind — next week.
Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
February 19 to March 20

Practice your elevator pitch, Pisces! With the sun swooping into Sagittarius and firing up your career zone until December 21, it’s a good idea to rehearse — and maybe order extra business cards. Pisces who put in the extra effort will have nothing but success to celebrate as you network your way through the holiday parties. Choose thoughtful gifts for your colleagues, even if they're a little more expensive than expected. Consider them investments in your career and in your future.

On Thanksgiving, the moon starts off in your communal 11th house, cultivating camaraderie whether you're in the kitchen or getting an early start on the cocktails. But before you start adding names to your guest list, know this: By mid-afternoon, the moon nestles into your sleepy 12th house and your social buzz fizzles out. Suddenly, all you want is cozy bonding with your closest peeps. Food coma or no, you might even want to slip off early for a good night's sleep!

Black Friday shopping might be best done online this year as the moon stays snuggled in your 12th house all day. Seize the opportunity to rejuvenate before the holidays swing into high gear. (Bottomless refills of hot chocolate are optional.) And since creative genius often strikes at these unexpected moments, keep a capture tool handy to record sudden inspiration. With Jupiter stimulating your curiosity, you might want to go out, though. See if there’s a craft fair or holiday art walk in your hood. This sleepy day could throw off your intuition, so bring a friend along for company — and to save you from buying something hideous just because a salesperson flirted with you!
Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
March 21 to April 19

Feeling restless, Aries? Your next adventure is so close you can practically taste it. On Tuesday, the sun swaggers into Sagittarius and lights a fire in your ninth house of travel and independent expansion. Where will your combat boots take you? Your wanderlust will be fierce between now and December 21. Whether it’s a trip to visit the folks back home or an escape from the family drama, there couldn’t be a better time for you to take a much-needed holiday. Celebrate, Ram, and carpe that diem: Look for last minute travel deals, and bon voyage. Own a business? Expect holiday profits to be as abundant as this Zodiac season promises.

Your Thanksgiving starts off traditional – but ends as anything but. If you’re worrying more about what your table looks like and less about the people around it, take a seat and have a serious bonding sesh with the people you love. This will be much easier when the moon shimmies into communal Aquarius mid-day. Are you hosting the main event? Serve it buffet-style so your guests can mix and mingle — and don't forget to cue up an upbeat playlist to put people in that grateful groove.

On Black Friday, rally your squad and carpool to the outlets for a day of designer discounts. Then, end the day ooh-ing and ahh-ing over each other’s prizes over a cozy round of drinks. Maybe pick up some sexy lingerie, too, because with Jupiter in your passionate eighth house squaring the moon, your favorite playmate will be begging for your undivided attention. Take a disco nap — invites pour in all weekend and you’re going to be up late.
Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
April 20 to May 20

Let the soul-sharing commence! On Tuesday, the sun moves into Sagittarius and fires up your seductive eighth house. Between now and December 21, you’re going to need more than a one-and-done playmate to warm your duvet. Already heating up the sheets with a special someone? This week, your hearts could become more intertwined and your bond longer lasting. Looking to bring in some extra cash? Passive income sources like commission, royalties, or selling goods (hello, eBay!) are where the gravy’s at.

On Thanksgiving Day, it’s your own time to talk turkey as the moon swirls through your no-holds-barred ninth house for the first half of the day. You may be tempted to bring up something that’s been on your mind — but take your audience’s temperature first! Is this really the best time or place? Your important words could get lost in translation if you bring up something sensitive amidst already strained moods. If that's the case, save the convo for after the Thanksgiving buzz has passed. Plus, by the time dinner rolls around, the moon will have shifted into your formal 10th house — and you’ll be glad you didn’t stir the pot, so to speak.

No snoozing in front of the tube for you this long weekend, Bull. You can literally crush an end-of-year project, whether it’s work-related or a personal passion. But make time for your people! Jupiter in your relationship corner reminds you that they are what feed your heart and soul. Snuggle up in front of the fire with your S.O. or your sister — and maybe even hit up your local watering hole after chowing on leftovers.
Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
May 21 to June 20

Ah, sweet l'amour. Love is in the air — the kind that’s here to stay — as the sun slinks into Sagittarius and into your seventh house of committed relationships for a month starting this Tuesday. If you already have a sweet soul mate, clear some room in your schedule for date nights and general QT. Looking for a forever-bae? Fire up the dating apps. A lucky swipe could send you straight into the arms of The One. Business partnerships also enjoy an auspicious surge. Bring on the dynamic duos!

On Thursday, the moon snuggles into your intimate eighth house and calls forth your inner nester. You’ll want nothing more than to cozy up close with someone special. But you may need to be flexible, Gemini, especially if your VIP has holiday duties to attend. Enjoy your solo time by making playlists for dinner, tucking into a good book, and taking a warm bath. You’ll emerge refreshed and ready to mingle in the afternoon when the moon brightens up in Aquarius and your spirited ninth house. And once you're feeling reinvigorated, you’ll be super relieved to not have to do any awkward groveling for any misbehaviors from the a.m. hours.

On Black Friday, don’t let anything — not even a turkey hangover — slow you down as energetic Jupiter challenges the active Aquarius moon. Forget early morning door-buster deals — first, bust your way through a workout. But a Gemini would never actually miss out on a retail extravaganza, so here’s a compromise: After you crush some cardio, treat yourself to a haul at Lululemon or a reduced-price membership at a cool gym.
Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
June 21 to July 22

Vegan stuffing, anyone? It is possible to indulge responsibly, Cancer. And that’s the name of your game starting Tuesday as the sun settles into Sagittarius and your sixth house of healthy living for a month. Take this as an opportunity to learn how to creatively construct holiday treats in healthy new ways. Pin some recipes that include lean proteins and fresh vegetables. Go on long walks with your out-of-town fam when they come calling (bundle up, the cold air will invigorate you!) and going dancing with old friends. Set up lifehacks to help you optimize your work and life flow as business gets busier.

How much family is too much? You may find out this Thanksgiving as the moon cozies into your partnership zones all day. You’d quite prefer to spend this holiday with a VIP in your life but your dutiful nature will probably win out. Find time throughout the day for one-on-ones. Make an excuse for a trip to the market with your S.O. or sister. (No one has to know you stopped for a coffee). Take a walk around the neighborhood while everyone else snoozes off the feast. Single? If you’re visiting home, drinks with an old childhood sweetheart could get extra festive. Or, see who’s Turkey-and-Tindering this Thanksgiving night — what a story that would be!

On Black Friday, leave the shoe sales and diamond discounts aside. The moon warms your erotic eighth house leading you to prime pickings for your lingerie drawer — and maybe your sensual toy collection. Be warned: With theatrical Jupiter squaring the moon, a drama queen could attempt to undermine your confident groove. Ignore! She legit is just jealous and if you don't feed the energy, it will pass.
Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
July 23 to August 22

Rawr. Are you ready for your close-up, Leo? As the sun sails into Sagittarius, all eyes are on you as the Zodiac’s Crowne Royale — which is just how you like it. Score a Groupon for a photo shoot (boudoir, maybe?) and get to work on your personal brand. Design new business cards and dial up your social media presence. Strategic self-promo will earn you well-deserved praise. The flames of romance burn brightly between now and December 21. Get thee under a mistletoe! Talks could turn to long-term visions, like where you want to settle down eventually...and even baby names!

On Thanksgiving, the moon is in your sixth house of service for the first half of the day and you’re happy to wear any hat that’s required, from chef to chauffeur. But don’t burn yourself out! By mid-afternoon, the moon floats over to Aquarius and into your partnership zone. Pass the baster to a capable cousin while you go turn up the heat with your S.O. or sneak in some swiping on the dating apps.

Keep the one-on-ones going on Black Friday, even if you start the day with a casual group hang or some collective door-busting. Tackling a big project over the weekend? No need to go it alone. Recruit someone from your circle as your right hand. You can make them dinner or work the barter system — or turn this into a full-on collab.
Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
August 23 to September 22

Where's your favorite turtleneck sweater, Virgo? Settle into your cozy and home-loving groove this Tuesday as the sun slips into Sagittarius and sets off a month of deep nesting. Have a sudden urge to host Thanksgiving? We wouldn't be surprised. You might just pull off a feast that will go down in family history. If you're in the market for a move, this solar cycle speeds up your search. Set up the Zillow alerts or find out if a friend is looking for a new roommate.

With the moon in your flashy fifth house this Thanksgiving, you could get a little carried away trying to make everything look perfectly Instagram-able. But in the afternoon, as the moon settles into your sweet and simple sixth house, you’ll remember that the real beauty lies in who is around your table, not what is on it. Round up family members and do some volunteer work before dinner to show your gratitude together.

Best stay home on Black Friday, Virgo, and do your door-busting online. This year, the crowds could be too overwhelming for your tingling Spidey senses. Bonus? This superpower of discernment means that you’re less likely to splurge on unnecessary impulse items just because they’re on sale. But since hasty Jupiter is whispering, “Buy me!” into your ear, use your notes app to make a list of necessities before you start surfing. Do you really need a 10-quart crock pot, even if it is 80% off? That’s a lot of soup, Virgo. Think twice before you click.
Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
September 23 to October 22

Organize your calendar, Libra — you’re going to need solid command of your schedule as the sun spins into Sagittarius and into your social third house for a month starting Tuesday. You'll easily collect admirers and friends as you flit from event to event like a social butterfly. Remember: Parties can be sweet opportunities for networking! Don’t leave home without business cards tucked into your clutch. Collabs will be rewarding, both creatively and monetarily. Why go it alone when you can tag team that ish? Your relationship with a sibling, coworker, or neighbor could benefit from some time and effort. Bond away!

Spend the early part of Thanksgiving ensconced in the cozy zone as the moon snuggles in your domestic fourth house. While it’s tempting to stay there all day, try to keep things on track if you’ve got friends and fam counting on your company! If you're hosting, this is the perfect year to delegate tasks and make the prepping a family affair. When the moon swings into Aquarius and your flamboyant fifth house in the afternoon, up the glam factor. Roll into dinner like you’re walking the red carpet and make the main event more festive by suggesting group games — or even a dance party.

Steer clear of the mall crowds on Black Friday — you won’t find the gifts with the personal touch that your thoughtful, observant sign loves there. Check out a boutique district or a craft fair full of locally-made treasures. Impulsive Jupiter in your second house of money challenges you to spend wisely — maybe leave the credit cards at home and set out with a set amount of cash? There’s always later if you don’t find that perfect objet.
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