How To Spend Halloween, According To Your Sign

For every person who's had their Halloween plans on lock since Labor Day, there's someone who's scrambling to find a party and cobble together a costume the night of. If you relate to the latter, you might want to check in with the stars for some astrological inspiration.

To make a grand and sweeping understatement, every sign of the Zodiac likes to spend their time differently. It's only fair to believe, then, that a Taurus might not jump at the chance to spend Halloween the way an adventurous Sagittarius would, or that a Cancer would be perfectly happy staying home while an Aquarius would be itching to be where the people are.

It's up to you to decide how you really spend All Hallows' Eve, but if you're without plans, your sign just might point you in the right direction. Read on to discover how your astrological sign would have you spend your Halloween.


What you should do: Find a costume contest where the competition is stiff.

Why your sign will love it: Maybe it's a friend's house party, maybe it's your office's shindig — wherever you find the biggest and best costume contest, that's where your sign wants to be, Aries. Not only do you love playing to win, but your enthusiasm reveals itself in the effort you always put into your costume.

What you should do: Have a sensual night in.

Why your sign will love it: Taureans are rarely the first ones at the club, but that doesn't mean your night will go to waste, dear Bull. Instead, hunker down at home with your partner or favorite sex toy and let things get steamy, Halloween-style.

What you should do: Visit a haunted house attraction.

Why your sign will love it: As a sign that needs near-constant stimulation, you'll delight in the immersive experience of touring a haunted house where surprises await around every corner. Bonus points if you convince your scare-adverse friends to join and manage to catch them mid-scream.

What you should do: Have a scary movie marathon.

Why your sign will love it: There are few things Cancers enjoy more than spending time on the couch with a handful of their favorite people. The fact that you're breaking out the drinks and popcorn to watch every installation of the Saw franchise is just icing on the cake.

What you should do: Host a Halloween blowout at your place.

Why your sign will love it: Sometimes the brightest way to shine is to give others a place to do the same, Leo. Your generous side will want you to open your doors to your friends this Halloween, so if you haven't stocked up on spooky, yet luxurious, decorations and plenty of candy already, now's the time to do so.

What you should do: Take a graveside stroll.

Why your sign will love it: Virgos feel a deep connection to the Earth and its inhabitants. Your sign will urge you to visit those who have passed on, to the point that you might end up celebrating Samhain instead of regular old Halloween. If you do swing by your local cemetery, make sure you go during official visiting hours.
illustrated by Anna Sudit.

What you should do: Hit up a hay ride.

Why your sign will love it: As the sign that kicks off the fall season, you never miss a chance to visit a pumpkin patch or corn maze. Add that to the fact that most light-hearted Libras steer clear of anything too dark and creepy, and it only makes sense that your plans should feature you riding a tractor and munching on cider doughnuts. It doesn't get more autumnally wholesome than that.

What you should do: Attend a concert — the more goth the better.

Why your sign will love it: The entirety of your solar season can feel like Halloween if you let it, Scorp. In order to make the day feel truly special, you should attend a performance or show that creates a dark and macabre mood, yet makes you want to dance anyway.

What you should do: Splurge on an extravagant night out.

Why your sign will love it: Whether you're hitting the VIP section at a club or working your way through a haunted pub crawl, your outgoing sign will want you to mingle — and flaunt your costume — this Halloween.

What you should do: Find the spookiest ghost tour in your town.

Why your sign will love it: Your old soul sign prefers horror with a generous side of history. Do a little digging to see what your local landmarks have to offer, and when you find a spot with ghostly potential, don't forget to bring your camera. Even the most skeptical Goats will be thrilled to find an orb in their photo.

What you should do: People-watch at a costume parade.

Why your sign will love it: Sure, you never miss an opportunity to show off your own creativity, but you delight in seeing that of others, too. Plus, the lone wolf that lives within every Aquarius will leap at the chance to roam through a crowd of costumed strangers. You never know who might meet.

What you should do: Get back in the trick-or-treating groove.

Why your sign will love it: Admit it — you're kind of a sucker for nostalgia. As fun as going out to a grownup party may be, most playful Pisces would generally prefer pounding the pavement for candy with the kids in their lives, or even simply handing out candy to their neighbors' children.
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